Sunday, March 19, 2006

Diet and Exercise of late

Ok, I know I haven't talked about my weight control journey lately. Mostly I've been too busy and too tired. I didn't even get one single thing posted on Saturday.

On my official weigh-in day on Wednesday I came in at 142.8. One pound above goal. Not bad. :)

The downhill slide in my diet began Thursday when I forgot to bring my salad to work. I went out to Subway and had their tuna salad. It should have ended there, but I was still hungry so (and this is where it went downhill calorie-wise) I went to the burger joint next door and got a double burger with swiss cheese (no bun), topped with sauteed mushrooms. It's really good, and Atkins-friendly, just really high in calories!

And I just kind of kept eating the rest of the day. I figure I probably ate around 3000 calories and 100g net carbs (give or take). I knew Friday would be a binge day.

Friday morning I weighed in at 142.2, which is totally great. I'll spare you the details of my binge, but it involved McDonald's, a mom and pop Mexican place I used to love going to, a coffee shop with awesome smoothies, and some bad stuff from the grocery store. I couldn't even eat it all, which meant that the binge continued (albeit reduced) into Saturday.

Saturday morning I had the leftover gigantic double chocolate muffin (OMG, it was so good!). I was going to end it there, but Becky brought her homemade 100% whole wheat homemade cinnamon swirl bread to church, so I had one slice. After that I was good.

To burn off the glycogen stores I'd just replaced, I traipsed off to the gym after church. I ran on the treadmill between 4.5 and 4.7 mph. The thing that surprises even me is I managed to go for a whole hour! Sixty solid minutes of running! I didn't know I had it in me. I covered just over 4.5 miles. That is a new record for me! Yippee!

I thought I'd be hella sore today, but nope. My thighs hardly hurt at all. The last time I ran (3.5 miles in 46 minutes) my thighs hurt for three days afterward. Today I felt good enough to walk the last leg to work. I guess all the walking to work lately has helped in more ways than I knew. I never dreamed I could run 4.5 miles and not be hella sore the next day.

Anyway, FitDay says 377 calories burned on the run yesterday.


burlington duh said...

Sounds like the sugar bug came out and bit you on the .......
Sugar know that....
Life is so much better without that poison..!!!!
I luv the exercise u r able to do..very commendable...
When do you do the Bay Run?

Newbirth said...

It's held the third Sunday in May. This year that falls on May 21. 8 a.m. start time which means I have to be up no later than 5 a.m. so I can get dressed, take the bus to BART, and take BART under the Bay to the City.