Thursday, March 16, 2006

I disagree

I found the following in someone's journal and it spurred me to take the opposite of the action desired. I'm always the troublemaker. ;)

I would have an abortion. The circumstances under which I would, might, have, or might have chosen to have an abortion are nobody's business but mine and those I choose to tell. They are not the business of any government. I do not accept the proposition that the state and/or my sexual partner(s) should have any say over when and if I choose to bear a child. I do not accept any sovereignty over my body and my reproductive organs but my own. If faced with the situation, I will do everything feasible to help other women and girls I know exercise their rights to safely terminate a pregnancy if they so choose. When a state treats women and girls as chattel, it is they that commit a crime.

If you agree, please place the preceding paragraph in your journal. Then use the following link to send a message to South Dakota's governor: Planned Parenthood's take action page.
And thanks.

Well, I clicked the link, but of course, Planned Parenthood didn't have his e-mail address, just a form to fill out. I Googled him and came up with the following link to e-mail him. I sent him a letter saying I am pro-life and urging him to sign the bill. :)

Contact South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds

We must stop the killing of innocents in this country, and I am glad at least one governor is standing up for what is right.

This especially, jumped out at me:
I do not accept any sovereignty over my body and my reproductive organs but my own.

And isn't that America's problem? That we think of ourselves as gods over everything. I'm proud to say that I am not the only one to make decisions over my reproductive organs. There is One above me. I listen to Him because He knows best - He can see the big picture; I can't.

Do you know that abortion was legal when my Mom got pregnant with my brother? He was unwanted and unplanned. He could have been aborted. But I am sure he is glad he wasn't, as are his wife and child.

Here is my letter:

I heard about this through a friend who is pro-choice, but I wanted to take this opportunity as someone who is pro-life to urge you to sign the bill into law and stop the mindless killing of million through abortion.

Even though I am not from South Dakota, I want you to know you have supporters around the country. I only wish my own state would do as much as you have.

Stay strong, and stand up for what it right.

Victoria (last name deleted)


erudit said...

Hey Victoria. Check out this article on a guy who's suing to get his child support obligations overturned. He argues that if women should have sovereignty over their procreative "rights," so should men (his gf wasn't supposed to be able to get pregnant).

The right to abandon your child

K said...

Great... let's force women to use dirty coat hangers in back alleys, excellent idea.

No one thinks abortion is a GOOD thing, but as long as schools don't teach about birth control and insurance companies won't pay for it, abortions will happen. And not everyone shares your religious beliefs, but your rationale for banning abortion forces them on everyone. By supporting abortion, I'm not forcing any believe on you - you have the option to make your own decisions.

diamondwife said...

I'm with you. Abortion is murder. how can anyone say it is not a life, regardless of their religious beliefs. Instead of pro-choice, why don't they call it what it is, pro-infanticide. It always amazes me that the very people who get up in arms if we kill a whale or eat a hamburger are often the same ones who support abortion. These so-called "rights" take away the rights of another human, the unborn child.

Anonymous said...

Those that are upset about whales being killed and people eating burgers support abortion? Where is the proof on that? Don't leave me hangin'.... enlighten me.

Brad said...

Dear K,
I'm seeing your point. If you have ever been in that position or known someone going through such, the view alters.You see the trauma and fear of bringing a life into the world you had not planned. Generally, we are taken by the woman who is pregnant and shown what troubles she has , or had. Maybe she was raped or it was her Dad. Maybe it was her brother. Maybe she had sex with her boyfriend at 14 and just needs to protect her parents. Maybe she is a successful business woman with a career. This little accident happened! She is truly unable emotionally or really able to take care of the child.
It could be some very convincing truthful argument untouched here.

Reasons for removing the child are prolific and emotionally charged. Many seem very plausible, well thought out and resonable. We almost are taken to the point of applauding the action of abortion and cheering on the Pro-Choice movement. Which, apart from the truth seems quite sensible in the worlds wisdom, and more preferred than the eventual outcome. Appears best actually. What is the answer?

But, we are forgetting what this is all about. Life. Seems now we take life so casually and lightly. Nothing special. Not just the womans life nor the man who has gotten her pregnant. Maybe he doesn't know or maybe he is supportive.
Yet, it is about the life of the child. What support and voice does the child have. A living fully human child. Who, when born will be a person like you or me and have a personality. Have dreams and hopes and something to give humanity. This child will need love, care and someone who looks out for them. A Mom and a Dad hopefully. Someone that is concerned for their best interests.

The child certainly didn't come by the will of the participants nor his own desire. The couple just wanted some healthy sexual pleasure or maybe accidentally got together. Little too much pop, toke, ecstasy, or maybe the girl was drugged.
Wherein is another problem altogether if outside of marriage. But society today is so easy on the real problems that lead to some pretty harsh consequences.

We have left out God like the scienceless Philosophy of Evolution. Then anything you want can and will be done. Yet the consequences of such a view and life do not lead to the promised result we are searching for. Scientifically or humanly speaking. Happiness, Joy, success, ongoing higher and higher status with all the trimmings, gaining earthly wisdom. If it does, it is to no profit or good in the end.

Those who do have an abortion find it not an easy solution after it is done. Better solution before, than after. It does have ramifications that those who favor it don't discuss nor bring out. Plus, it really has not addressed the problem that remains. A life which will at times,lead to more abortions. It also, (excuse me for the explanation for it is a spiritual one), brings a curse upon our nation which cannot be reversed.=-( (This regards THE Book which is the most revered or hated book depending on your heart and His will.)

It is not for the unstable. Due to the hormones changes and stress it will be a real roller coaster of mental trauma. This is very hard I've heard even for the healthy.

I've known a woman who had 6 abortions. One in the last trimester. It is one of the most dangerous types of procedures a woman can have done. After it there are some very problematic health issues that are not really that pleasant. It is also not recommneded if you want to have children in the future. As if that needed to be said.

Taking a life even when justified is unpleasant.(with apologies to the blog owner) How much more, taking the life of the unborn human child just starting out! Who, not having done anything worthy of death is put to death based on someone elses wish and desire or needs. Is that really democratic or offering the best outcome for ALL involved.
Is it repsectful to the rights of the child? There is no need for The Constitution to support this. The child has the right to life because he has been given life. It does not matter if the two participants want the child or not. The child is here. Thus, the child should be allowed to continue into life.

If you do not want the child or there are other health issues those things you must deal with in wisdom and care. Regarding life as a gift of God.
Without that all life is vanity and close to worthless. Who wants a life void of the truth, its value and contribution it makes, or could make. I for one, do not. Now, which would you choose?

Also, everyone that has failed amd made these errors are worth knowing and helping. People who have these problems
are just like me. We need a guide to help us. But, who can guide us out of trouble. You are worth another life and chance no matter what you have done or how or why. No matter who you are or how badly you have destroyed life.
Before you is death and life. Choose life! Lord willing, Peace to you and Yours and Lord Be with You.

Oh the answer. The Bible. The Story of Gods mercy to us sinners.There's a knock. Hello, oh, it for you....!
Just a minute Lord.
Revelations 3:20 Do you hear.

Brad said...

Forgot one thing Psalms 139. Peace and Lord be with You.

Anonymous said...

Do you have your own blog Brad? If you do..I'd like to visit it.

Newbirth said...

Well, THAT certainly stirred some controversy.

Those who do have an abortion find it not an easy solution after it is done. Better solution before, than after.

This is true. I have a friend who had an abortion several years ago. She regrets that decision and even having two live births can't change that. She wishes she had the baby, but abortion is final. She will live with the knowledge of what she did for the rest of her life.

k said...


So, your argument is that abortion is a Bad Thing. I disagree with certain points you make to come to that conclusion, but you'll never hear anyone pro-choice argue that abortion is good. In a perfect world, abortion would never be needed, but you may notice we don't live in that world. Women are going to continue having abortions when the condom breaks, the pill fails, or they get raped by a stranger, acquaintance, or family member. (The law does allow abortionw when the woman's life is at risk, so we'll ignore that. And we'll ignore for now women who use abortion instead of birth control - that's disgusting and unacceptable.) If abortion is going to happen, it should be completely safe. If you want to start a program now to educate the next generation on birth control, sexual choices, and respect for women so that unwanted pregnancies never happen, sign me up! I'm totally serious about that, I think the lack of education coming from both schools and home is a huge factor.

As for your God/Bible arugments, those hold absolutely no weight with me. Many people in the country don't share your beliefs, and you can't dictate my life by those beliefs. I don't believe life begins until the fetus is viable outside the uterus. I have my own set of morals and values by which I live my life, and while they aren't dictated by a supreme being, few people would take issue with any of them (my views on abortion aside).

And Victoria, the pictures of you from your sister's wedding are fabulous!

Brad said...


I won't fault you at all for your beliefs. I'm not going to say you must believe my way. My point was not to say you must and need to change to my view. If you are happy as you are and with your stand then who am I to say be different. But, why do you believe in abortion and what does it profit this nation and our people?

The direction I was taking was that of the child. Yes, sadly as you so strongly point out, abortion will continue whether it is legal or not.

This is due to a conditon brought on us by our rebelling against our creator. This by the deceptions of Satan. This is recorded in Genesis of the Bible. It is the Word of God. Written by The Spirit of God using many people. We are created by God even if we do not acknowledge and bow to Him. If you believe or fail to see and believe we are all His servants. This as you read the Bible you would find there.

To address certain aspects of abortion
here would not be appropritate in respect to a wonderful hostess of this blog. I am not here to condemn you or the choices you make. Yet, it seems women are not really given choice at all. Abortion or. Generally speaking abortions rights advocates don't give alternatives. Why this as the only alternative for an unwanted pregnancy?? In a world of improving technology and science why the lack of choice for a woman to have her child. Many would want such a child to raise as their own, as one alternative. A good one at that.

I for one would not have wanted to be aborted. Some may feel that it would have been ok for them. Though, not many. Taking a life from the unborn however noble the reason does not justify the action.

The Supreme Court made a desperate and harsh error in '73. It was not in their Judical power to do so by the Constitution. The powers that are today have little in common with the forefathers Constitution. So don't talk about rights according to that. It stands against abortion.

It is a severe distortion and harsh comparison to say you have rights over your body and that the baby does not. You have control, rights are a gift. This is seen in abortion and the government administration.

The child has not done anything worthy to die. What has the child done is the question? That is the point. A one who has not done anything worthy to die is put to death. Not due to his desire or choice. But due to anothers irresponsible and uncontrolled desire to please themselves. Knowing full well that it could bring forth a child. Hoping it won't. Then, it does. ooppps. Now the child pays for poor birth control??? Not of his doing. What does that show that person to be. What does it illustrate about how they think and live? Death is the ONLY answer for the child due to reckless living to satisfy desire??

I know you are a reasonalbe person K.
It isn't hard to understand the principles I am talking about. We understand them from our youth.

Everyone has a time when the right of our heart changes to what we want to do. God made us in His image and we marr it. Yet, we still know He is there, We know we are wrong when our conscience hits our heart. Intuitively we know it is wrong to steal and murder. Abortion we know is wrong from the heart and the truth. It is when we are wrong that we have to come up with the best reasons or excuses. Did it in growing up. Mom, I know it is wrong to cheat!
But, if I didn't cheat,I wouldn't have gotten the scholarship.

There is an end for the means we use. There are two means of living. Righteously or unrighteously. Two guides head up each means. But one rules all. We are one or the other. No in between!

You look wonderful as always V....
You both are model material Model 1-April and Model 2-Victoria....
Thanks for sharing your pics....
Beautiful blonde hair,,,,;-) Who iiis your hair dresser,,,?

diamondwife said...


I said often those are the same people. this observation is from my own personal experience when meeting and talking to other people. I don't know what "proof" you are expecting me to offer you. I just know that from personal experience, the people that are often (notice, once again I say "often" not always or necessarily the majority of the time but "often")very militant about animal rights are the same ones who are "pro-choice". I know many women at work who have very liberal political views. These women regularly talk about animal rights and women's rights , including abortion rights, as major issues in their decisions on which candidates to choose. I still say what about the rights of the person they are "choosing" to kill.

Brad said...


No blog as of yet. But maybe soon!
Lord willing.
But, if there are questions or sharing your view. You can reach me at

Peace and
Lord Be with You.

burlington said...

I believe that all have the right to life be it human or animal and that no one should kill whether it is human or animal. We all have choices and we can all choose, God made us that way. When someone takes a human life it is far worse than taking animal life. It is my choice to believe that. I choose to take neither life. I don't hold animal life in higher esteem than human life but they are both important, albeit not equally, in my eyes. Who speaks for the unborn fetus and who speaks for the stupid farm animals? This is about abortion and to bring in those that choose to NOT eat animals as being pro abortion is wrong.

Newbirth said...

Do you eat dairy since that does not require taking the animal's life, or are you vegan?

diamondwife said...

Okay, Burlington
I'm still trying to figure out where I said that all people who choose not to eat animals are pro-abortion. I did not say that. I simply said there are a lot of people I know personally who choose not to eat animals or wear leather that are pro-choice and I thought that it was quite odd for people to be for saving animal life but not human life. Since you are pro-life (of all kinds, human and animal) this obviously was not referring to you.

Anonymous said...

Since animals have rights that we must observe and laws to set them. Who rules over that and sets the boundaries for what we can and cannot do?

Do we let them have rule. Are they equal to man or, are they for mankind?

Newbirth said...

I think animals are for us. That's why I have two live cats in my apartment, dead cow in the freezer (beef), and dead chicken in the refrigerator. ;)