Friday, June 09, 2006

Went to the movies

Yesterday's calories were way too high, as I said earlier. I estimate about 2800 calories and NO exercise to offset it. :( Oh well, one day won't kill me and there's no more special things for a while so I can be really good.

Today I was going to do better, but then the theatre didn't have the sugar free candy anymore. I prowled around the mall where the theatre is and found a Harry & David's store with both nuts and sugar free candy. I bought a 6 oz. bag of sugar free candy - caramel and chocolate covered popcorn with a few nuts - and munched on it while watching the DaVinci Code movie. (Stay tuned for a review.) It came to 688 calories for the whole bag, but that's okay. I just cut back in some other areas and got on my (literally) rusty exercise bike for 35 minutes. I also walked about a half mile from the bus stop home. Walking that little bit cuts off one whole bus and usually saves time.

Calories today came to 1661, with 62 carbs (not counting the sugar alcohol in the candy), and burned about 2009 calories. Weight this morning was down to 144.6. It's probably a bit of dehydration from the wine I drank last night. Sugar alcohols (in the sugar free candy) make me gain so I think I will not weigh myself tomorrow.

I had a great pina colada tonight using Baja Bob's no sugar added drink mix. Just add rum and ice. :) This stuff is great, and very low in sugar. If you like pina coladas, buy it!

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FAT BITCH said...

Hi Newbirth :)

I'm anxious to read your review of the movie and I see that you're really working hard on your eating program.

That pina colada sounds wonderful!

Congratulations on your weight loss, hon!!!!!! :D