Monday, June 26, 2006

Conference photos - my change through time

Here's Conference pictures over the last few years. I think it helps show my weight loss. :)

Conference 2003
Weight: about 200

Conference 2004
Weight: about 185

Conference 2005
Weight: about 150

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sarah said...

wow, good for you. and i love the blue hair!

Nadine said...

The blue hair is something!

But I'm more amazed with your success in dieting.

I'm sure it's a great inspiration for others who are still struggling to reach their goal.

I've linked you up in my blog. Hope that's ok. Thanks!

Newbirth said...

Thank you, Nadine! I'm flattered.

Leigh said...

You look great! I can barely see the blue hair, though - just around the edges.

You know, after looking at your progress in terms of 3 conferences a year apart, and knowing where you are at now, I think I should quit complaining about not making progress "fast" enough! Thanks!

Newbirth said...

I actually dyed my hair blue right before leaving for Conference, so it was pretty darn blue. It's just the lighting in the pic doesn't really show it up.

Same thing happened with my passport photo. I had very blue hair at the time, but it didn't show well in the pic.