Sunday, June 25, 2006

Fourth weekend

1 day cheat freeCalories eaten Friday: 1813
Calories burned: 1812
Carbs: 70g (way too high)
Fat: 62g (way too low)

April went to dinner without me (and didn't even call me!) so I was able to count calories and carbs Friday.

After losing 2.2 pounds last week I started bouncing back up rapidly. I couldn't bring myself to weigh myself Saturday morning because I felt so bloated, and this morning...forget about it. I've gained 5 pounds easily and I didn't even cheat that bad. I'm not going near the scale for a while. Looks like my whoosh fairy left and went on vacation.

Breakfast Saturday I had two slices of low carb bread and I made two open-faced PB&J sandwiches - with natural, unsweetened peanut butter and sugar free jelly. Also a sugar free "toaster tart." One serving Dannon yogurt sweetened with Splenda. Finally, I had one slice of swiss cheese.

I did okay at church. I had peanuts for snack and a little bit of cheese crackers, but way less crackers than I wanted to eat. For lunch I had Jane's salad (no fruit in it this time) with Ranch dressing, and the baked eggplant and cheese I brought, with sour cream for topping.

At the BBQ yesterday I was mostly good with the food. I had several oysters, but since they have carbs I ate less than I wanted. I had some chips dipped in guacamole - not nearly as many as I wanted, and I went heavy on the guacamole (the guacamole is diet friendly). I had some arugula salad with hearts of palm on it, with vinegar and oil for dressing. I had two different kinds of sausages. I don't know if they had carbs or not. They may have. I had lots of beef - just beef and rock salt - totally diet friendly. I had one bite of orzo pasta since I don't recall having it before and wanted to see what it tasted like. I had some eggplant leftovers.

For drinks I stuck to wine, rum and diet Pepsi, and straight diet Pepsi. Everyone else had mojitos with regular Sprite. I had just a sip to taste it. For dessert I ate two bite-sized cream puffs with chocolate drizzle. I wanted a lot more, but stopped at two. I had a sugar free chocolate bar when I got home.

This morning I have a hangover - I drank easily twice what I know my limit is. I took two Ibufrofin and went on with my day as usual. After the gym I was both tired and hungover so I got a sugar free energy drink. I need the caffeine and with the hangover the B vitamins and herbs certainly can't hurt.

I knew I'd have some glycogen to burn off after yesterday, so I started my gym workout with a 5 mph run for 12 minutes (1 mile). It was easier than usual. Then I did my weights. The extra weight I'm carrying made some exercises harder. Then 18 minutes on the stairmaster for an even half hour of hard cardio, then back to the treadmill for my usual 20 minute walk at 3.5 mph.

I'm going to go ahead and start my cheat day count over even though I didn't totally fall off the wagon. So that makes today day 1.

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Leigh said...

Something is definitely in the air. Argggg! I didn't exactly fall off the wagon this weekend, by eating "bad carbs" but I did stop counting the good ones. Ok, tomorrow is the first day . . .