Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Money, Honey

I'm so not having fun with money. I have three huge bills that I have to cover. There no money in savings because I recently paid for my August vacation and caught up on some bills. And the last money Dad sent me went for my medication and some bills. I got some reimbursement for my medication back, and I am planning on rolling that money into this.

In order of importance:

1) I have to pay up my Internet for a year. I get $2 off per month when I do it this way, which amounts to just over one month free, but it means coming up with roughly $240 all at once.

2) I'm due for my yearly cholesterol test, and the doctor ordered a complete metabolic panel as well. He said Celexa could cause liver or kidney problems. I know I'm fine, but whatever. Yes, I do get "health assistance" from work, but I have to pay everything out of pocket and then wait for reimbursement of part. Also, I already have the paperwork in hand and it won't "keep" forever. I need to go in and get this done ASAP. I wonder how long before I get another check from Dad?

3) I got an e-mail from my vet reminding me that Xena is due for her rabies shot. I'm pretty sure she'll be due for a distemper shot and an annual exam come fall, so I'm putting this one off and hoping I'll have the money and just get everything done at once. She's healthy and a 100% indoor cat, so she's not exactly high risk. If she were to get sick, I'd take her in, money or no money.

She also needs a nail trim and she won't let me do it so this is another "vet" thing, but that is the least of my worries.

On the "how stupid is this" side of things, I recently bought a case of Sam Adams Light beer. "Light" is supposed to be lower in carbs. Then I read this past week in She Knows Diet & Fitness that Sam Adams Light has almost twice the carbs of Corona Light (9.6 vs. 5 if I remember right)! Yike! I guess I'll be giving Brad the Sam Adams when he drops over and I now have to come up with some money for Corona Light. I don't drink beer often, but I feel better knowing the option is there if I want it.

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Lira said...

Stretching money is so hard. For me, it's like trying to categorize and prioritize and make a decision all at the same time, and with the fear nagging in the back of my mind that I'll make a mistake somewhere that will haunt me later. Thankfully, God is still around, even when the bills come due.