Monday, June 05, 2006

Day 7

Well, tomorrow is the Week 1 weigh-in on "the diet". I know I'll show a gain over my start weight of 144 due to behaving so badly on Saturday. I'll do better once I get past this Thursday and there's no more eating of meals that I didn't prepare.

I did well yesterday, with about 1642 calories and 50 carbs. Burned 279 calories at the gym, and logged over 10,000 steps total for the day. Even counting for the "steps" it counts when the bus bounces, it would still be over 10,000. This does count all my gym time, including my half hour on the crossramp elliptical and 20 minutes walking on the treadmill.

pedometer showing over 10,000 steps
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Today was my bimonthly mail run into San Francisco, so I couldn't go to the gym. In fact, I won't make it to the gym the rest of the week. Tomorrow is voting day and my monthly meeting with Helen, Wednesday I have to do groceries because Thursday I'm having lunch with Pastor Ray, and Friday I hope to see The DaVinci Code movie since I am almost finished with the stupid book. That also will mess up my diet, though the theatre does have sugar free candy available. The sugar alcohols always make me gain weight. I could also take my own snacks in. It will make for higher calories, but I'll be able to track unless I go out to dinner at the mall where the theatre is - a distinct possiblity since they have so many restaurants there and many offer Atkins-friendly meals.

I did manage to walk the last leg to work today, so that's some exercise at least. Stopped at Starbucks and got a small coffee with sugar free vanilla syrup and did my Purpose Driven Life study. Only two more days left! Yay!

Got some money from my Dad, deposited it, and ordered three more months of medication from For 100 Celexa pills I'm only being charged $71.94, including shipping. It works out to 72 cents a pill - quite a deal as Celexa is a very expensive med. I could never afford my medication if I had to pay U.S. prices. This is the best med I've been on so far. I think it even works better than the Zoloft. I began Celexa December 6, 2004.

My order came today - extra virgin coconut oil (for baking), low-carb Big Train drink mix, five bottles of sugar-free BBQ sauce, and two Baja Bob's mixers: one for margaritas and one for pina coladas. Yum! Now I can have a low-carb pina colada anytime I want!

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