Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Day 37

11 days cheat freeHope you all had a great 4th of July!

Weight: 140.2
Calories eaten yesterday: 1703
Calories burned: 1940
Deficit: 237 calories
Carbs: 50g (okay)
Fat: 80g (yippee)
Calories burned in exercise: 112

Down one pound today so not too shabby. I thought I would be up. I'll get there yet!

My only "cheat" for July 4th was a sugar-free chocolate bar (no sugar alcohols). I was really craving chocolate and decided to give in since it was a holiday, even though I was stuck at work. I subtracted the pork rinds to keep the calories down.

Hit the gym this morning. Didn't rack up many steps though because I did 20 minutes on the recumbent bike and that doesn't make the pedometer click. So I won't make 10,000 steps today. Still, FitDay says I burned 272 calories, so that's good. Felt good working out today - lots of energy, even though my carbs yesterday were normal.

I'm slowly getting stronger. Today I did arm curls with the 20 pound dumbbells and I could do five reps the first set instead of four. The last two sets were only four each. And on the weight assisted chin up I've gone from six reps to about eight, so doing good there, too.

I've started working in more leg exercises - walking squats up the ramp by the emergency door, leg presses, etc. I've also added back in the Smith machine to strengthen my arms and pecs, while using the compound row for my arms, back, and shoulders.

Woot! Go me!

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