Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Busy Tuesday

8 days cheat freeCalories eaten yesterday: 1797
Calories burned: 2074
Carbs: 40g
Fat: 87g
Calories burned in exercise: 265

Got some exercise today by walking from the BART station. FitDay says I burned only 82 measly calories.

Regarding my glucose tolerance test, I found something interesting on my South Beach day-at-a-time calendar today. You will remember at the two hour mark my glucose was 88 and my insulin level was a itsy-bitsy 3.

From the July 25 entry:

Some diets steer people toward decaf coffee for the simply reason that caffeine does stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin, which is the last thing an overweight person needs. Still, the net effect isn't all that great, and if a cup or two of coffee a day makes you happy, I think you should feel free. Tea may actually play a role in the prevention of heart attacks and prostate cancer.

So even though I had black coffee before the second blood draw, my insulin was still low, which tell me Dr. Agatston is right and it doesn't have much effect. It's good to avoid excessive amounts, but I gotta have my morning cuppa.

It's cooler today, so I am not wearing my new green shorts and pink tank. Instead I went for my new jeans and white tank top with the butterfly. I tried on the low rise size 8 jeans from Old Navy this morning, but they are really tight - couldn't even button them. I think these new jeans are a big 8 because they fit perfect. I think all jeans from Old Navy must be Petite, and Misses is a bit bigger.

I got a response from Dr. Michael Eades! First, my question to him:

Kinda off topic, but I have a question about my GTT that I had recently. My fasting glucose was 69, and two hours after the oral glucose was 89. Totally fine, although last week my fasting glucose was 88! Could that be because the high carb diet I had to eat for this test is driving my fasting blood sugar down? And isn't that bad?

The odd thing was the insulin I had them test for. There's no fasting and 2 hour range given, just an "insulin total." I'm not sure what that means but it's 3 and listed as out of range. Normal range given in 6-27. I know your book says it should be under 10. Is a low reading cause for concern and what does "insulin total" mean? Total of what?

I hate to bother you wish this, but you know a lot more about insulin and glucose than my doctor, who I couldn't reach anyway.

And finally, the response I received:

Hi Victoria--

Your fasting blood sugar is never an exact number that repeats with every test; it pretty much should stay in a range, though, and the sugars you listed are fine. I wouldn't worry about the difference between a 69 and an 88.

Your insulin is fine; the lower the better. The only time you need to worry about an insulin being too low is in type I diabetes, which you know you don't have because your blood sugar is normal. The less insulin you need to keep blood sugar in the normal range, the better.

The most sensitive test for all this is the insulin challenge, which we described in the PP LifePlan. Check it out.



Ok, I made it into the City today for my mail. The lady who does the boxes in still on jury duty and may be gone up to six weeks! I really hope they get around to my box before then. Right now I have to wait in line and show my ID to get my mail.

I checked around for hair bleach so I can dye my hair blue again before Conference, but I checked two drugstores and neither had it. I need a professional beauty supply store. I think there might be on on my way to the gym.

Stuff I bought today:
BioSilk oil - the stuff does wonders for my bleach-fried hair.
A book light - I need to take one with my to Conference so that I can wind down by reading without bothering my roommate.
A headset for my cell phone - so I can talk without having to hold the thing to my ear the whole time. Good for long "hold" times.
A case (with belt clip) for my cell phone. Found a real schnazzy one for $20 at the Verizon store. Cheaper and better than Radio Shack.

My PIN number came today. I took it to the bank and changed it to my old one that I already have memorized.

My checks also came and this time they are right, so I can begin writing checks again. Whew! I never received the checkbook cover that I ordered, and the main bank number told me to call my local branch where I ordered the checks. They also said I had been charged for the checks. I called the local branch and they said I shouldn't have been charged for the checks and that they would reverse that charge, as well as order the checkbook cover. I asked them the price for the cover so I could write it in my check leger. They said they would cover it for all my hastle. Cool!

My left ear is hurting. I don't know if it's something simple like wax buildup, something worse like an ear infection, or (God forbid!) something with one of my teeth. God knows my teeth are in pretty bad shape from my years of eating high-carb/sugar.

After my purse was stolen I thought it would really suck - and it did for a while, but I have to say, I have seen Romans 8:28 in action lately, and I am awed. He truly is bringing good out of this awful experience.

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