Monday, July 24, 2006

Clothes shopping :) and my vegan stalker :(

7 days cheat freeCalories eaten yesterday: 1814
Calories burned: 2034
Carbs: 55g (too high to lose weight)
Fat: 79g
Calories burned in exercise: 265

Today should be the week 8 weigh-in. I'm just going to start the count over and get really serious in mid-August once I get back from vacation. I can lose weight right now, but all my efforts will end with eating dorm food for a week. I can make good choices, but I have no way of counting calories or carbs and end up overeating because my appetite is bigger than my metabolism.

I'm also lacking in motivation. My get up and go has got up and went. I'm tired and trying to lose and just want to maintain. I also want to get below 140 and stay there. *sigh*

My butt is sore. I think it's the combo of the leg exercises I did yesterday and the treadclimber. More than my poor little butt could handle. So I laid off on the leg exercises today, but did the treadclimber again because it's just so much fun and I work up such a sweat. That thing really burns the calories!

My raw vegan stalker is back, this time with a comment about me looking "ill." She conveniently overlooks the camera I was using and how bad restaurant lighting can be. (Can't look at those things because they would contradict her beliefs and the truth might be too scary.) Is it the lack of fat in their diets that screw up their brains and make them need to evangelize us poor, misguided meat-eaters? This woman has serious issues. (Gotta admit she takes good pictures, though.)

Went clothes shopping today. 1) I needed a pink tank top to go with a certain skirt I have. 2) I needed a new pair of bicycle shorts. My old ones are springing holes in the thighs.

First I went to the little boutique at 24 Hour Fitness. My club has a small store. I found a pink tank top and a white tank top with a butterfly that has some pink in it. Because the arm holes were so big I was able to get medium. Usually I have to buy large shirts to keep them from being tight under my arms. (I have large breasts that make buying shirts and dresses a nightmare.) The tops were $22 apiece. $45.68 for both, including tax.

Then I stopped at WalMart to see if they had bicycle shorts. I found only one pair, gray, that was a size 8/10 (medium) and fit well. And only $6! I also bought a pair of Levi's jeans. The "8 short" fit perfectly, just like the ones at Old Navy. I wanted denim shorts, but couldn't find blue, so I settled for green. I need another pair of shorts for Conference. It's always hot and of my two pairs, one is slightly tight and one is slightly loose, and it will be too hot to wear jeans at Conference.

The green shorts will go nice with the pink tank top. They had only sizes 4,6,and 10. The 6's looked big so I grabbed them and the 10s to try on. The 6's fit! They are "6 Misses," but they are the biggest 6's I've ever seen. I'm about 145 right now - no way would I fit a normal 6. Still, I'll take the compliment. ;) If it's still a scorcher tomorrow I'll consider wearing the green shorts and pink tank top. $42 even for all that, so $87.68 for all the clothes from both places.

I don't usually like shopping for clothes, though it's a bit more fun when I can fit into such small things and look so hot (just like the weather). :)

No time for the gym tomorrow. I have to run into the City to take another shot at getting my PIN number for my new debit card, and getting a new lock installed on my P.O. box and a new key. I paid for it all last week. Now I just need to make sure it's installed and get the key.

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tamtay said...

Hey Newbirth--hang in there--it's been soooooo hot, you've had to deal with all the details (not to mention the trauma) of getting your purse stolen, then you had to carb up for your glucose test; you've been through a lot lately! And yay for your happy clothes shopping trip! Tami

Leigh said...

I don't think I'd be too concerned about opinions/advice from anyone who belongs to a group called "Ana Rules," given the pro-anorexia connotations. Anyway, you are buying new clothes and that rocks!

Jordan's grandma said...

Thanks for reading the Saving Jordan blog and for being so supportive.

I hope you reach all of your goals.

Newbirth said...

You're right, Leigh. She IS anarexic. I visited her Ana group and it says it neither endorses or disses Ana; it claims it just a fact of life for some. No posts there and only three photos.

But yes, she IS anarexic.