Monday, July 03, 2006

Week 5 Weigh-In

chickWeek 0: 144
Week 1: 147.2 (+3.2 lbs.)
Week 2: 143.2 (-4 lbs.)
Week 3: 141 (-2.2 lbs.)
Week 4: n/a
Week 5: 141 (0 lbs.)

Total loss: 3 lbs.

*sigh* Didn't lose anything. 141 for the third straight day and second straight weigh-in. The only thing that's changed in the last couple weeks is drinking copious amounts of diet soda. I know in the Carbohydrate Addict's Diet, the Heller's talk about sweet things causing an insulin release even if they are sugar free things. I don't know if it's true. It could be. It definitely should be studied. Insulin is the fat storage hormone. Anyway, I'll cut back on the diet sodas to one a day except on weekends and see if that helps.

Three pounds in five weeks isn't that bad. It's just the not losing for the past two weeks that has me bummed.

Did pretty well yesterday.
Calories eaten: 1840
Calories burned: 2089
Deficit: 249
Carbs: 53g (okay)
Fat: 85g (yippee)
Calories burned in exercise: 272

Had to run into San Francisco today, so no gym. I'll only make it to the gym twice this week. I did walk the last leg to work, though. FitDay says 89 calories. Not as good as the 272 of yesterday, but at least it's something.

Eating three fried eggs for breakfast every morning has really helped with the hunger before lunch. I know protein and fat satiate while carbs make you hungry, so I have to think it's the protein and fat in the eggs (and the very low carbs) that keep my tummy happy for so long.

Walked over 10,000 steps yesterday, counting my gym time.

On the work front Jon is on vacation, so I tracked down Thad and had him make out the paperwork to turn 60 hours of vacation into cash. That should be enough to get me out of the hole created by paying up my Internet service for a year, and have enough left over for the blood tests I need, plus maybe pay a couple bills. :) With that in the works, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Nothing special planned for tomorrow. I have a meeting before work, then come in for my regular shift. No special food planned either. Just my usual. Just another day, though I expect when I come home tomorrow night the cats might be a bit more hyper than usual from all the loud noises they'll be subjected to.

9 days cheat free
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breigh said...

Try not to get too bummed with your lack of loss this week. Perhaps you've lost inches!

My mother lost a lot of weight and she said that sometimes you reach plateaus and it seems like you'll never get past them. Stick through it though! :)