Saturday, July 01, 2006

Day 33

7 days cheat freeWeight: 141
Calories eaten yesterday: 1752
Calories burned: 1832
Deficit: 80
Carbs: 60g (the high end of acceptable)
Fat: 70g (too low)

Back up to 141 today. I knew that would happen and I can live with it. I'm still doing pretty good. Today was a very long day, beginning at about 6 a.m., so calories are higher - more than I burned. I knew I'd be at church longer than usual, so I brought a small lunch with me rather than just a protein shake. We had lunch at Leona's, with cake for Becky's birthday. I bummed one bite of cake off someone and that took away my desire for any more. On low-carb a "taste" is enough!

Next week should be more normal; the week after will be an all day affair with one of our bi-annual meetings so I will have to pack a big lunch.

Started reading Protein Power by Drs. Michael R. Eades and Mary Dan Eades today. It's really cool because it goes into the role of not just insulin and carbohydrates in making us fat, but also the role of glucagon in helping make us slim. Dr. Atkins never really talked about glucagon in his book. No one low-carb author has all the facts, so I think I will learn more in this book.

I don't think insulin problems made me fat. I think Zoloft stimulated my appetite and cravings for carbs, I ate more than I burned, and the insulin nicely crammed all that carbohydrate into my fat cells. It's possible that Zoloft actually screwed up my insulin, but I thinks it's more likely it just caused me to eat too much.

However, with a history of diabetes on both sides of my family, I almost certainly would have developed diabetes in the future. I had three strikes against me: diabetes on both sides of the family, obesity, and too many carbohydrates in my diet. Now I just have one strike (the family history), and diabetes cannot develop when carbohydrate intake is low. So as long as I stay on this diet, I will dodge that bullet. I have Dr. A to thank for that. :)

Tomorrow I should be able to make it to the gym, then Monday is my bi-monthly mail run into the City, Tuesday I see Helen, Wednesday I can go to the gym, and Thursday is groceries. And that's my week. So only two gym sessions.

I have excess tummy skin from my weight loss, and it's ugly. I got a good look at it when I stepped into the shower yesterday. So ugly. *sigh* Everyone says it will tighten up, but I'm skeptical. But I guess it's better that it's rolls of skin rather than rolls of fat, which is what I first thought it was.

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