Saturday, July 15, 2006

Second day off Atkins

I did end up eating before dinner yesterday. When I baked the communion bread I also made some sugar free brownies (the only brownie mix I keep in the house). Due to the flour the brownies are 9 carbs per serving, so I figured they were still pretty high. Anyway, I ate half the pan. Yike! Once I start eating carbs I simply can't stop. This is why it's best for me to just not start.

Then Brad and I got super burritos from Geraldo's. I got a Diet Coke to drink. Regular soda is too sweet anymore, so I don't drink it. We went to a high place to eat and look over the bay area. The wind blew and blew over my Coke and spilled it all over the picnic table and me. Brad ran to the van and got me some paper towels. Thankfully, since it's diet, it wasn't sticky, and I managed to keep it off my shorts. So no harm done other than losing a good portion of the can.

Bought some berries yesterday and ate the blueberries this morning. They are so good drowned in Half and Half. Yum. Blueberries and cream the natural way! I also ate more of the Atkins brownies. They are sooo good made with coconut oil.

Brad is coming by tonight and we are going to IHOP. I told him I'd never had funnel cake before and we are going to rectify that. :)

Today I will be at church all day. We have a business meeting this afternoon and I'm the church clerk so I have to read the minutes and take notes. :-p

It's strange to eat this way and have so many cravings. And last night I didn't get up to pee in the middle of the night like I usually do. I've very bloated and my belly is sticking out. I had to loosen my belt. I've gained a good inch in my waist, and my size 10 shorts fit nicely now. I'm not even going to try on my size 8 jeans because I know they won't fit now.

Gotta go. Have a good Sabbath everyone!

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