Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Working out, & the Earthlink Billing Saga Continues

Calories eaten yesterday: 1144
Fat: 20g (16%)
Carbs: 114g (41%)
Protein: 122g (43%)
Weight this morning: 131.6 (Two weeks ago: 132.2)
Calories burned in exercise today: 332

I took too many "bites" yesterday; I was just so hungry. But too many bites add up to no weight loss. :( Bad Victoria! Bad, bad Victoria!

I felt pretty good today. My alarm woke me up so I got a full night's sleep instead of waking up early still low on sleep. I went to the gym and did an hour of weights and 30 minutes on the elliptical. I wore my heart rate monitor and kept it up in the 140-150 range most of the time.

I'm trying the post-workout shake again. I eat so many calories after my workout and then get so hungry later. So today I had just a scoop of whey powder in water (120 calories, 21g protein), and a 100 Calorie Pack for my high-GI carb (17g carbs). It makes my carbs higher because I still have to have the two servings of Cream of Wheat to get my iron up, but oh well. It's not every day. I hope 21g of protein post-workout is enough. Opinions anyone?

The saga with Earthlink continues. After canceling my credit card and getting a new one, they still somehow managed to charge me. I checked my account information, and for some unknown reason they had my new credit card number! Argh! The bank must have given it to them because I did not!

This time I did a live online chat with someone instead of calling. They can't undo the automatic billing until my contract is up (next July!), but the associate suggested paying before my bill cycle date to avoid the automatic charge. I asked if the bill cycle date could be changed and she said it could! She changed it to the 30th so that I have a reasonable chance of having the money and being able to pay before the charge goes through. She said I could undo the automatic billing and switch to check after the contract is up.

So hopefully this will resolve it as best as possible given Earthlink's stupid rule about having to have automatic billing. Grrrr...

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