Thursday, November 06, 2008


Calories eaten yesterday: 1234
Fat: 17g (12%)
Carbs: 103g (34%)
Protein: 159g (53%)
Calories burned in exercise today: 153

Walked up to Safeway for groceries since today is payday. After that I walked down to the BART station, but took the 50 through Alameda (decided to take it a bit easier on the walking since it's payday) and hit the Safeway there for salad. They didn't have the three pound bags I needed, though.

Tomorrow Brad and I have to prepare for our walk on Saturday, and then Saturday is the hike in the Lafayette/Moraga area.

Tomorrow we have to hit Costco to pick up my meds (Xanax is cheaper there than WalMart), and hopefully I can get some Diet Rock Star. I also still need some PowerAide Zero from WalMart to drink during next week's workouts.

All this won't leave me with any money for groceries next week, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it. Next week I'll just get the basic basics. I did stock up on veggies today (yellow squash was 99 cents a pound!) so I shouldn't have that expense next week.

I think all my bills are paid except my DSL. That comes through on the 10th and they will try to debit my account. Too bad for them I cancelled my credit card and got a new one. Heh heh. I'll pay it when I'm ready, not when they are.

I asked the guy who administers the Commuter Checks here to drop my amount from $110 a month (the max allowed) down to $80. Since I am no longer buying monthly bus passes and doing a lot more walking I simply don't need the whole $110 anymore.

Ok, I will see you all Sunday with my weigh-in!

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