Thursday, November 13, 2008

Week 85, Day 5

Calories eaten yesterday: 1325
Fat: 25g (17%)
Carbs: 127g (39%)
Protein: 143g (44%)
Weight this morning: 130.2 (Two weeks ago: 130.4)
Calories burned in exercise today: 167

Laundry today. After that I walked to the bank since Dad's check came, cashed it, then walked to the store and bought some groceries. I found the vital wheat gluten and will hopefully work on the cookies tomorrow. I want to try the recipe the way I wrote it instead of using the special pancake mix that not everyone would have access to. Mostly, I want to see if the wheat gluten works or if I need to use some whole wheat flour.

By the time I did all this I didn't have time to even walk down to the BART station to catch the 50 bus through Alameda to work, so I had to take a bus to BART, and then transfer to the 50. So a lot less walking than I'd hoped for. :-p

Tomorrow I have to hit Costco for Alli and cat litter. The starter pack of Alli at Costco (the only Alli they carry) is 7 cents cheaper per pill than the refill pack at WalMart. I've stopped taking it during the week. My diet is very low in fat and so I need all that I get (and it saves money to take less!), but I still take Alli on Saturdays when I am eating a lot more fat.

So tomorrow is shopping and cooking, and then Saturday after church we'll walk and then relax at home. I plan to hit the gym again on Sunday.

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