Sunday, November 02, 2008

Weekend of binging...

Calories eaten Thursday: 1410
Fat: 22g (14%)
Carbs: 116g (33%)
Protein: 147g (42%)
Weight Thursday morning: 130.4 (One week ago: 129)
Calories burned in exercise Thursday: 264

Gave blood and binged, so no nutrition stats today.
Weight Friday morning: 130.4 (One week ago: 128.8)
Calories burned in exercise Friday: 0

Calories burned in exercise today: 302

I am cancelling today's weigh-in. I simply couldn't face the scale. I have spent the last two days binging. After giving blood Friday I pigged out on the snacks they offer - cookies and crackers - until I was full. Then I bought some groceries at Safeway, and a donut, and ate the donut. At Lisa's Halloween party I had a wine cooler, about 4 cupcakes, 2 1/2 donuts, 2 cookies, 3 slices of pizza, and some bread with spinach dip. I went to Applebee's with Brad and had 1 mini bacon cheeseburger (of the 4 in the appetizer) and 2 Mochatinis.

Saturday wasn't a whole lot better except that I ate a little less because I was stuffed from Friday.

No exercise all weekend. I haven't weighed myself since Friday morning. I am back on plan today and plan to be on plan all week.

I won't count this as Week 84 and just pick up next week with week 84.


Busy, BIG weekend here.

Friday morning I had to be up early for my doctor's appointment. I was bumped up to 100mcg Levothyroxine and giving two prescriptions - one for the 100mcg thyroid pills, and a new Xanax prescription. He wrote it out for 0.5mg. I gave it back to the front desk after I saw it and got it rewritten for 1mg.

This doctor actually mentioned that he liked that I am taking such an interest in my own health care. Many doctor see that as bad - that if the patient does their own study it's because they see the doctor as stupid or something. This doctor seems happy with it and doesn't appear threatened; that's a good thing.

One thing I explained was that I had talked to someone with adrenal disease who knows a lot about it and she said my adrenal test numbers were good so I wasn't going to pursue that avenue any more. I guess he liked that I did that research. As a GP he probably doesn't know much about adrenals other than what the lab says is in range or not.

So the doctor appointment went well. After that Brad (he drove me to the doctor) dropped me off at the Red Cross and went back to work.

The phlebotomist who drew my blood had a hard time. I have good veins, but he said the needle went in at a funky angle. He had to move it around quite a bit which hurt like hell. Later he came back and repositioned it again! Leaning on my arm to do my stretches today hurt and there's some minor soreness. This has never happened before. Grrr...

At first after giving blood I felt fine. I even walked across the street to the Safeway and bought some groceries. Then I walked to the bus stop. On the bus I began to feel a bit lightheaded. I had to transfer busses and began to feel worse at the bus stop and worse still on the bus. The lightheadedness increased and I began to feel hot and sweaty.

I knew I was in serious trouble at that point. I called Brad to come get me and got off the bus. I was at Kaiser near where the health food store used to be. There was a bus shelter and a bench. I laid down on the bench on top of my stuff. If I passed out I wanted to make sure that no one stole my bags.

The longer I laid down the better I felt. The hot and sweaty feeling went away and the lightheadedness subsided. Eventually Brad found me and drove me home and I could do no more for a long time except lay down.

In the evening we went out to Applebee's. I had trouble getting them to make the Mochatini like I was used to. Evidently this woman put the chocolate syrup into the mix instead of putting it at the bottom of the glass like they are supposed to, so I assumed she hadn't put any syrup in because I couldn't see it.

The first time I had Brad take it back and she put chocolate syrup in the bottom. She also disappeared into the kitchen at one point. When I came back to the bar to ask for another one (so I could watch her make it vs. asking the waiter for another one), she again had to disappear into the kitchen. I can't prove anything, but it does make you wonder...

Friday night we went to Lisa's Halloween party where I binged some more (see above). We stayed for about an hour and then went home.

Saturday we went to church in the morning but I was not feeling well so we didn't stay for lunch, though I grabbed some bad food on the way out. We each had a beer to relax, then went to the 24 Hour Fitness on High St. It's closer to where I live than the one I go to, but has no bus service anywhere close.

Brad paid for a day membership ($15) and I have an all club membership. He liked this club much better than the one I go to. It's a Magic Johnson Sport club meaning it's much larger, has more equipment, and has a pool and basketball court.

We took our swimsuits. I jumped in the pool for just a few laps, and then we hit the steam room, then the whirlpool, and eventually the sauna before rinsing off the chlorine in the shower.

Brad was beat. I played the latest Dr. G episode I had recorded, but he was tired and had a migraine. He fell asleep very early. I stayed up a little later eating, drinking wine, and watching TV, but I was tired too and went to sleep fairly early.

I woke up this morning still not feeling 100% but Brad and I went to my gym. His trial membership is good for a month. He didn't do any weight training, but watched me as I did mine. I did the elliptical for cardio since I did not feel up to running. We managed to get two ellipticals together. I wore my heart rate monitor and was in the 130-145 range most of the time, which I am happy with.

He drove me into work and we got a very brief walk in before work (22 minutes).

It rained all weekend starting Friday night and went all day Saturday. Today it finally began to clear. Brad and I are hoping to do our long walk next Saturday.

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