Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Vote or die!

Calories eaten yesterday: 1308
Fat: 23g (15%)
Carbs: 116g (35%)
Protein: 166g (50%)
Calories burned in exercise today: 250

Did you vote?I hope everyone voted today!

I'll let everybody know tomorrow how I voted and what passed and failed on the Propositions here.

Today I voted - it's about a 15 minute walk to my polling place, then down to the BART station to check my mail in the City. The check from the mortgage company was there, so I deposited it, bought Mom a winter hat and scarf at Old Navy, and bought whey protein at GNC (on sale and I could use my Gold Card!). Took the train back and walked to work from the station - about an hour and a half total walking.

Tomorrow I hope to go back to the gym. Right now my butt and legs are sore and stiff from yesterday's lower body workout.

The first good rain of the season arrived right on time. We generally get the first good rain around Halloween, give or take two weeks, and sure enough, it started raining hard the day after Halloween.

Winter is here. With the sudden turn in the weather from warm and dry to cold and wet, I moved my sweatshirts to the front of the closet and moved my summer clothes to the back. I also dug out all my winter hats.

I also got my bed ready by stripping off everything except the fitted sheet and digging out my down comforter to sleep under. A blanket alone isn't enough; a blanket plus the comforter is too much.

I'm afraid the malted barley in the Malt O Meal may be bloating me. I know the signs; this is exactly what I experienced eating soy flour on a daily basis. I have a pot belly once again.

This didn't seem to happen with the Cream of Wheat, so it has to be the malted barley and not the wheat. I think I should switch back to the Cream of Wheat. At least I know it's bloating, though, and not real fat. It just looks (and feels) horrid. I prefer the taste and texture of the Cream of Wheat anyway.

I have two last servings of Malt O Meal that I already cooked up and I will have those today. Starting tomorrow it is back to the Cream of Wheat.

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