Monday, November 03, 2008

So tired...

Calories eaten yesterday: 1282
Fat: 20g (14%)
Carbs: 122g (38%)
Protein: 156g (49%)
Calories burned in exercise today: 347

I still can't face the scale. I gained tons of actual fat from my hedonism on Friday and Saturday (especially Friday). No more binges until my birthday! I need to be super strict and do tons of exercise to get this new fat off. My body takes every calorie I eat and converts it to fat. Damn I wish I could follow a very low-calorie diet of no more than 1200 a day. But I get too hungry because my anti-depressants make me hungry and my thyroid disease makes my body a fat storing machine. :(

I took the blood donation very hard. I didn't eat enough before and didn't hydrate at all. Then I ate too much afterwards and tried to drink some Diet Coke but it was too little too late.

I am wiped out. I've been to the gym the last two days but I am very tired and I know it's my low iron levels from giving blood. Today was nasty. I struggled through an hour of lower body weight training, followed by 46 minutes of just walking on the treadmill. I was too tired to do any more than walk.

The weather is still nasty. I ended up walking to work in the rain, and the rain was coming it at nearly a 90 degree angle with howling wind. I had an umbrella which I carried straight in front of me, but that only protected my sweatshirt. My shoes, socks, and jeans all got wet. I had to dry my shoes and change back into my gym leggings at work.

The overcast and rain makes me depressed. I hope the weather clears soon. I can deal with cold as long as the sun is out.

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