Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Thanksgiving - Working Out, Then Working

Calories eaten yesterday: 1230
Fat: 22g (17%)
Carbs: 119g (39%)
Protein: 134g (44%)
Weight this morning: 129.2 (One week ago: 129.2)
Calories burned in exercise today: 332

Happy ThanksgivingHappy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope yours was a great one!

Here's what I am thankful for:

1) God's salvation.
2) God's Word, the Bible.
3) my friend Brad.
4) a job in this poor economy. My employer laid off a bunch of people just this past week right before the holidays. So I am thankful that I still have work.
5) my two cats Xena and Abby.

Yesterday was the first truly cold and rainy day of the season. It was freezing. I actually took hot tea with me on the bus, and had three cups of hot tea at work. Today it was 60 degrees like yesterday, but felt warmer.

I had a ton more energy today because I ate more. Breakfast was some of the veggie casserole I made, plus coffee with milk and Splenda, two of my healthy homemade oatmeal cookies (plus I ate one last night and one in the middle of the night), about a cup of unsweetened applesauce, and a small apple.

We live in a graceless world. I walked up to the Starbucks inside Safeway this morning and this one woman insisted that I had cut in front of her. I don't know if I did or not, but since that one minute was just so important to her I let her go ahead. As I said, a graceless world. The unsaved don't even know what graciousness really is. And I was the one on the tight schedule and working today. She was just picking up items for Thanksgiving dinner with her family. Gee, wish I could have Thanksgiving at home with my family. At the Starbucks I got a tall non-fat, sugar-free Cinnamon Dulce latte, a small bar of dark chocolate, and one petite vanilla scone.

I'm not sure that Starbucks got my latte order right (I wanted two shots), but I was too busy to check every detail. Then the bus didn't come. I had let the first one pass so I could get go up to Starbucks and get coffee, but the next one didn't show up. That made me late getting to the gym because the next bus didn't come for an hour. I wish I would have taken the first bus.

So I had a crappy morning, but things got better once I got to the gym. Like Emo Phillips said, "Some mornings it just doesn't seem worth it to gnaw through the leather straps."

The gym was busy this morning. It was open in the morning, but they were shutting down at 2 pm. When I came in a little before noon there were a ton of people in both and cardio and weight rooms. I had to do my weight training as machines were available. I did some leg work with my arms as I didn't get a leg day this week.

For cardio I did the pedal-type Stairmaster for 30 minutes. Sweat was literally dripping off me. :) I tried to wear my heart rate monitor so I could work hard enough to keep my heart rate up, but the Stairmaster doesn't have a heart rate feature on it! :-p

Brad and I had Thanksgiving dinner here at work. Turkey of course, and veggie casserole with coffee afterwords and homemade oatmeal cookies for dessert. I did eat bad on the way here. I walked to work from the train station. Burger King was open and I tried to assuage my chicken sandwich craving with chicken nuggets. Didn't work. I bought the six pack of cheesy tater tots. They were only so-so, so when I got panhandled outside I gave the woman the remaining three. I also got a crispy chicken sandwich, but with no mayo (dry sandwich). It was what I was craving and hit the spot. At the convenience store I bought a Snickers bar (was craving that, too), and a small bag of Doritos, but I split those with Brad.

So I didn't do as well as I could have food-wise, but things could have been much worse. My weight will majorly rebound tomorrow. :(

A word on my diet for those who don't know:
I am no longer doing a strict low-carb diet. As some of you may know, my calories were going too high so I had to switch to a low-fat diet to keep the calories down. I still watch my carbs. I don't like how the Cream of Wheat runs my carbs up higher than I'd like, but it's the lowest calorie way to get my iron up.

With my fat low and my carbs controlled, the rest of my calories come from protein. As some of you may know, I am a huge fan of protein and feel pretty good on a high protein diet. I try to get about 1g of protein for every pound I weigh. When I don't get the normal amount of protein my body is used to I start craving it.

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