Monday, December 22, 2008

Breaking the Sabbath, Breaking My Camera

I'll catch up on diet stuff tomorrow, but today I want to post one of my occasional posts on religion and faith.

My really nice camera that's less than a year old is broken. I put it in my bag before church along with a Kombucha drink. The drink was unopened, with the seal still on the cap. Somehow, somewhere it got open. The bag is watertight so I didn't discover it until I reached into my bag to get something after the service. The top of the bottle had become loose and flooded my bag and everything in it.

I dried everything as best as I could and later that day Brad used some alcohol to clean the camera as best as he could. But it still won't work right. It sometimes turns on when you hit the button and sometimes doesn't. Same with turning it off - sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it turns itself on when no one is around it.

I believe the broken camera is a chastisement from God, so let me explain.

I have become very lax in keeping the Sabbath - not spending money that day, etc. I regularly spend money and this past Sabbath was no exception and, if anything, worse than usual.

Every time I don't do something that I know God expects me to do, something bad happens. On the couple of occasions where I have withheld my tithe because money was so tight something happens that ends up costing my more money than the tithe would have been. Last time my purse was snatched the very next day. It's to the point that I partly out of fear of what will happen if I don't and not totally out of love. (I know that's not good so no need to tell me. I'm just stating the facts, right or wrong.)

So I believe that God allowed the cap of the bottle to come loose and destroy my camera. If I can spend money on the Sabbath, then I can spend money on a new camera.

I talked to Gary downstairs today to see how much money I have saved. I have $40 taken out of every paycheck and set aside, and the amount currently saved is $210 including the entire month of December. I found a camera similar to my old one (slightly upgraded) for $174 on Amazon.

I would also like to buy a small digital camera that I can just slip in my pocket, so a lot of expenses and I will have to see how much money my Mom sends me (she said she's sending a check instead of an Amazon gift certificate) and how much money I have set aside here.

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Anonymous said...

Take the batteries out and let the camera dry really thoroughly for a couple of days. I've never tried it (can't go that long without my only phone), but it worked for many of my friends. It's worth a try either way!

Anonymous said...

Dry it with a blow dryer (low heat). It might work again. Cellphones are typically dead after water exposure, but camera and laptops can work again once dried.

Arthur_of_Old said...

Yes, we did that conventional wisdom there anons. Still, no change. There might have been some sugar crystallization. It would not be worth the effort cost wise to do anything but buy a new camera. Thank you for your good advice. Seems you have dealt with these tech problems before. Merry Christmas!!! But still, no name post?

Anonymous said...

I would definately shop around for a better deal on a camera. I got a Samsung 10.2 mega pixel for $69 at Walmart and it's the easiest, nicest camera I've ever owned. I know money is tight these days... just sharing some info :)