Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Week 89, Day 4

Calories eaten yesterday: 1202
Fat: 19g (15%)
Carbs: 108g (37%)
Protein: 139g (48%)
Weight this morning: 131 (One week ago: 130)
Calories burned in exercise today: 332

Went to the gym and did one hour of weight training and 30 minutes on the stairmaster and levels 5 and 6. I walked to work from the train station.

I forgot my towel and figured I'd just buy one since I could use another one anyway. I tried to use Easy Pay through my membership card (I get 10% off this way), but it wouldn't go through. Turns out I hadn't changed it from the old card to my new one! So they did that and then I was able to get the towel.

Tomorrow is laundry and hopefully Dad's check will be here by then and I can buy some groceries Friday.

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