Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

Calories eaten yesterday: 1169
Fat: 20g (16%)
Carbs: 123g (43%)
Protein: 118g (41%)
Calories burned in exercise today: 167

I don't remember the last time my carbs were higher than my protein. Not good, but it's the Kombucha putting me over. I've been drinking one a day as part of my detox this week.

I broke down and had oatmeal for breakfast. It wasn't very good or satisfying. I regret now that I craved it. I also got up early and was hungry and had some toast with Walden Farms jelly, and cottage cheese. Also a little of the cauliflower potatoes for Christmas dinner with Brad at work. I made myself coffee with sugar-free hot chocolate ("poor man's mocha"), and plain hot chocolate.

As for my sugar addiction, *sigh*. I dived into the cookies and candies sitting out at work. Blech. I must do better. I must break this addiction! I managed to send Brad home with the rest of the cookies that were sitting out (I had eaten the rest of the candy!) so I wouldn't eat any more. Bad, bad Victoria!

Brad didn't buy egg nog because the health food store was closed when he got there yesterday. I was very upset since I allow myself store bought egg nog just once a year, at Christmas. He thought I only wanted that kind so didn't get anything else. :-p I sent him out to get it. Thank God his Safeway was open. I noticed when I walked to work from BART that Pac N Save was closed. I had him get a quart of light egg nog since it has less fat and calories. My annual treat. :) I arrived at work about an hour early so Brad clocked out to get the egg nog and I clocked in early.

This weekend I will do Brad's annual treat - homemade low-carb egg nog made with heavy whipping cream and whole eggs (and Splenda). Very high in fat, but it's just once a year. Brad would like it more often, but I have to watch my fat.

For Christmas dinner we had lamb, cauliflower potatoes (made with low-fat cheese and fat-free cream cheese), oatmeal cookies (homemade with my healthy recipe), egg nog, and Perrier. It was yummy, but combined with all my treats - well, I am stuffed.

Dinner tonight will be the rest of the oatmeal cookies, some peanuts from the vending machine downstairs, and a turkey and cheese sandwich I made this morning. Maybe some Ritz crackers Ray gave me. Possibly some left over salad I brought from home.

I opened all my Christmas gifts including my whole Vicki box, but that will have to wait for another post about the cool stuff I got. I also opened a couple presents last night and got some cool stuff.

I'm working this weekend. 3 pm-7 pm tomorrow and 7 pm-11 pm Saturday night. Then back to my regular schedule Sunday. I might drop a post, or not. Ah well. I need the overtime badly.

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