Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The 10 Commandments of Saturday "Cheats" (take 2)

Calories eaten yesterday: 1292
Fat: 21g (15%)
Carbs: 129g (41%)
Protein: 140g (44%)
Weight this morning: 132.4 (One week ago: 133.8)
Calories burned in exercise today: 181

Slept in today. Walked down the the BART station, and then from my stop to work. I made a pit stop at WalMart to reorder my prescriptions, check on earplugs, and buy some diet soda. Tomorrow (hopefully) I'll be back in the gym.

I rewrote my 10 Commandments of Saturday "Cheats". They haven't hung in my kitchen since my move and needed to be updated for my current issues and how I want to accomplish my goals. So here is the new updated version I wrote yesterday.

The 10 Commandments of Saturday "Cheats"

Therefore -

At church:
No snacking before church. There will be plenty of time to snack afterwards. If this is a temptation, chew sugar-free gum until the service is over.
2) One mini cups of peanuts and one mini cup of Cheese-Its during break. One mini cup of any other treat. No more than three granola bars.
3) No lunch. You just ate a HUGE snack and aren’t actually hungry. Clean up the kitchen.
4) No snacking after church or taking granola bars to eat in the car. You will have another chance to have them next Saturday.

At home:
Eat only until full at breakfast.
6) Only one breakfast entrée, take your pick. Two is too many.
7) If you are not hungry, don't eat! Period! Brush your teeth or chew sugar-free gum.
8) No desserts, including eating out!
9) No McDonald’s, Burger King, or other fast food! No junk food at a convenience store.
10) This is not the last chance you will have to eat! Just 6 more days and you will be able to have the treats again. So don’t overeat. There’s no reason to.

I am definitely addicted to sugar.I must get my sugar addiction under control! I must break it again! I must exercise some self-control and stop hitting fast food restaurants almost every week. Eesh. I'm terrible.

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Arthur_of_Old said...

As that lady said at Starbucks, " I wish I had your problem"!

"Thin" has made an entrance to your life and seems content to stay. Congratulations! Of course, Mrs. Fat is always looking to remove Mrs. Thin
and moooove in. =-)

angienicholas said...

I like those. Hmm I may need to do something like that for myself. your doing great. keep it up Angie