Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Week 90, Day 4

Calories eaten yesterday: 1163
Fat: 18g (14%)
Carbs: 111g (40%)
Protein: 127g (45%)
Weight this morning: 131.4 (One week ago: 131)
Calories burned in exercise today: 332

Kinda tired today and didn't have much strength at the gym. I need three days off between workouts and I only had two days so I was still sore and couldn't lift as well. I struggled through the whole thing. I did 30 minutes of the stairmaster for cardio but stayed between levels 4 and 5. Just too tired today to push myself more. My final exercise was walking to work from BART.

The cold is making my hards really dry and causing my eczema to flare up. It always gets worse in winter. Last night I smeared anti-bacterial ointment on my knuckles before bed and wore plastic gloves all night. This is the only non-prescription treatment that I have found works. This morning I massaged a bunch of lotion into my hands. I'm trying to wear my winter gloves when outside since keeping my hands warm seems to help control the dryness and cracking.

Tomorrow is laundry and then the bi-annual staff dinner. Michael from downstairs will fill in for me at work while I am at the dinner (everyone gets paid for being there). I am hoping to stick to plan except for the dinner and one or two treats. I want to order the steak with extra veggies instead of potatoes. I'll let you all know how it goes and watch my Flickr photostream for photos in a few days.

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