Thursday, July 16, 2009

My iPod holder and charger arrived!

Calories eaten yesterday: 1295
Fat: 26g (19%)
Carbs: 75g (24%)
Protein: 159g (51%)
Weight this morning: 130.4
Calories burned in exercise today: 324

me with new cell phoneHere's a photo of me with my new cell phone that came yesterday. Click the photo for a larger size. :)

Exercise today was walking to the laundromat and back. I took the long way around to avoid Fruitvale Ave. as much as possible (where my iPod was stolen last week). After putting the laundry away I walked down to the BART station, and then from my stop to work. 1 hour 53 minutes of total walking!

My new iPod holder came today, along with the charging jack I ordered! :) The cheap jack broke so I finally decided to get a proper one from Apple made of quality material. I'll keep it at work since I can charge my iPod on my computer when I am home.

And I love the new holder! It looks a lot like a wallet, but is so slim it easily fits in a pocket. Yay! :)

Tomorrow I'm seeing my sister. I know she's going to bug me again about moving to Seattle. :-p I wish she would lay off on that. I don't like Seattle and don't want to live there. (Nice place to visit - don't want to live there!) She also can't decide whether to treat me as a sister or a child. I hate it when she tries to play the part of my mother. I'm a grown woman.

Tomorrow I will post a response to some recent critical blog comments I've received.

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