Monday, July 20, 2009

Overtime & Health Screening

Calories eaten yesterday: 989
Fat: 24g (23%)
Carbs: 62g (27%)
Protein: 120g (50%)
Weight this morning: 134.8
Calories burned in exercise today: 175

I'm working overtime today from 11 am to 11 pm to cover the second half of Brad's shift. P. came in and covered the first half of the shift. Due to the overtime I can't make it to the gym of course. My exercise was walking to the BART station and then from my stop to work - about 1 hour total.

Tomorrow is my bi-monthly main run into San Francisco and then Wednesday I hope to make it to the gym so I can at least go once this week.

One other thing happened on Friday that I wanted to talk about, but yesterday's entry was too long already. On my way down to the BART station to go to Lafayette I passed Walgreens and they had a health screening van parked in the lot and offered free health screening to anyone. I almost didn't go, but then decided that this doesn't happen very often and found out it wouldn't take very long anyway.

In the van they first take you into a little area and do a finger stick to check glucose and total cholesterol. Then there is another little area where they take your blood pressure, weigh you, take your body fat percentage, and waist size. In the final little area they do a bone density scan using your heel (a spine check is more accurate, but not feasible for such a small area). They give you a printout of the results right away and give a quick rundown of what they mean. More info. is contained in the little booklet your results are in.

My results came out pretty good. I had eaten that day, but only salad and a cup of sugar-free Jello followed by the walk, so that came out normal even though it wasn't a fasting test.

Also, the body fat monitor they used was the same type Curves uses - the handheld Omron (photo). At home I use a Tanita body fat scale (photo) and it seems that I carry much more fat in my belly and thighs than in my upper body.

For anyone outside the U.S. reading this, the normal fasting blood glucose range here is 65-99. I know other countries use other measurements.

These are my results:
Blood pressure: 105/53 - about normal for me, normal being 99/59.
Glucose: 81 - I wasn't fasting, but hadn't eating many carbs.
Total cholesterol: 140 - good, and about normal for me.
Body composition (fat percentage): 19.1%. At home my scale says about 25%, so I carry more fat in my lower body.
Bone Mass Density: 1.5. Anything above a negative 1 (-1) is good.
BMI: 21.9 - totally within a normal weight range for my height.
Waist: 31". The recommendation for women is less than 35", so I am fine.

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