Sunday, July 19, 2009

Week 108 Weigh-In

Start: 154
Week 1: 150 (-4) - Week 25: 137.6
Week 50: 138.4 - Week 75: 137.6
Week 100: 140 - Week 101: 138.4 (-1.6)
Week 102: 138.6 (+0.2) - Week 103: 139.4 (+0.8)
Week 104: 136.4 (-3) - Week 105: 137.8 (+1.4)
Week 106: 137.8 (-0) - Week 107: 138.2 (+0.4)
Week 108: 137.4 (-0.8)
Total loss since starting a low-fat diet: -16.6
Total loss since I began dieting and exercising in 2004: -68.6

Amazing I lost any weight with the amount I ate yesterday! :)

Ok, now to catch up on other stats.

Calories eaten Thursday: 1039
Fat: 18g (16%)
Carbs: 74g (30%)
Protein: 97g (38%)

Calories eaten Friday: 1417
Fat: 25g (17%)
Carbs: 84g (26%)
Protein: 112g (33%)

Weight Thursday morning: 130.4
Weight Friday morning: 130.4
Weight Saturday morning: 135.8
Weight this morning: 137.4

Calories burned in exercise Thursday: 324
Calories burned in exercise Friday: 117
Calories burned in exercise Saturday: 77
Calories burned in exercise today: 177

niece Marina, brother Ron, nephew Jebediah, sister April, & meFriday I had to spent time with my sister. To the right is the photo we took right before I left. Click the photo for a larger size. From left to right: niece Marina, brother Rob, nephew Jebediah, sister April, & me.

The day was stressful for me, but I survived. I took BART out to Lafayette and saw April and Eleanor. Then Rob picked us up at 3 and took us to his house. I stayed there until about 7:30.

By 7:30 they were getting ready to order dinner and I was supposed to meet Brad back at my house. I was starving. April, simply wanting to spend time with me with no regard for the fact that I was also hungry, asked me to stay and watch them eat (!). I knew that I would end up giving in and eating all the bad food they had planned (it was down to either pizza or Chinese), so I said I needed to leave. Rob gave me a ride home. When Brad came over we hung out for a while and then went to bed.

Saturday at the church potluck I ate way too many raviolis drowned in cheese sauce. They were just sooo good. After church Brad and I came home and did the grocery shopping that I normally do on Friday, but couldn't this Friday because of seeing my sister.

Then we walked part of the way to BART, then took the buses the rest of the way into Alameda. We stopped at Tuttimelon for frozen yogurt (I had a small chocolate with granola topping and Brad got gelato), then took the bus to the shopping center. We went to Applebee's and I had two Mochatinis and one glass of red zinfandel. Brad had a small beer and an iced tea. Then we went to Zeytinis and had a couple of their appetizers and two more glasses of wine each. We stopped at Safeway for a couple of items that my Safeway either no longer carries or or was out of.

We went home, stopping at Tuttimelon again on the way. I wanted more frozen yogurt; this time I got just the plain yogurt in a sugar cone. The banana we had bought at Safeway wasn't in our grocery bags, so Brad went up to Safeway to buy me another one (about a 10 minute walk each way). I was craving it which is why we'd bought it. I fixed him a mojito while he was gone.

Later we ended up getting into a fight. Brad wasn't hungry for dinner after that. I was. He made me some low-carb pancakes and went to bed. I ate the pancakes, then made myself a low-carb, low-fat turkey and cheese sandwich, and finished with three cups of cottage cheese.

Today Brad was really sweet to me. Because I couldn't prep veggies on Friday, I complained yesterday that there would be so much work for me to catch up on later this week. Brad got up early this morning (and let me sleep) and chopped and bagged the salad we bought yesterday, then even took the cucumber I'd bought and washed and cut those! I didn't even ask him to do that. He also scooped the cat's litter box. All that leaves for me is to take the celery and pull it apart into sticks and wash the outer stalks.

Brad is taking Tuesday off to work on his car and his upcoming move. He said he wanted tomorrow off too, so when we got in we talked to P. on shift and he said he can work 7-11 a.m. tomorrow. I will come it at 11 and work 12 hours. I soooo need the overtime so this is great! Overtime always comes before going to the gym because I always need money.

I have a little more to tell about Friday (not dealing with my sister), but I will save that for tomorrow's post.

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