Monday, July 06, 2009

Buses, Boots, and Busting Butt

Calories eaten yesterday: 921
Fat: 20g (20%)
Carbs: 63g (28%)
Protein: 117g (51%)
Weight this morning: 134.6
Calories burned in exercise today: 348

XenaLet's start with a random picture of my cat Xena for the heck of it. Click it for a bigger size. :)

As you can see from yesterday's weigh-in I didn't lose any weight last week. But considering that I didn't exactly stick to my diet at the church potluck I'm happy to remain the same weight. I ate way too many graham crackers and dried fruit mix at church. (Bad Victoria!)

My AC Transit pass seems to have been demagnetized. I tried to use it last night to get home and a "misread" message came up. The bus driver finally waved me on. Since sometimes one buses' reader can be messed up I tried it again this morning when I went to the gym. Again a misread. I asked the driver about where the AC Transit offices are and it turns out they are close to my gym. I went there before the gym and had to fill out a form and wait two weeks. They will send me a replacement for the number of rides I had left. :-p At least I got the woman into giving me a one ride ticket (came with a 25 cent ticket to make up for the new fare), so I can get home tonight and grab a new card.

The hiking boots (photo) I ordered from REI came today! I hope they work out for me. I'm trying to break them in right now. The diabetic test strips I ordered on eBay also came today. :)

Today I hit the gym and did one hour of weight training (I love weight training!) and 30 minutes cardio. They had these new Precor cardio machine that were kind of like ellipticals (with the moving arms and everything). It's like this one, only without the TV screen. It gave me a good workout and my heart rate was up in the cardio range where I want it. :)

My gym also got a bunch of new stairclimbers so now I have no excuse to not use them.

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Arthur_of_Old said...


Xena is beautiful and is always a classy sassy girl. =-) Wonderful photo. A little sass is evident!