Sunday, September 03, 2006

Of iPods and eggplant lasagna

19 days cheat freeCalories eaten Friday: 1810
Calories burned: 1966
Calorie deficit/overage: -156
Carbs: 52g
Fat: 67g
Calories burned in exercise: 80

Saturday calories burned in exercise: 120

My iPod was waiting for me when I got in to work today. It's a new used one and they didn't transfer my info. so tonight I have to put all my songs back on it and at some point reformat it to act as a hard drive...pain in the butt. But at least I'll have my iPod for the gym instead of hauling around my big ol' Walkman.

Pigged out on peanuts at church and low-carb ice cream at home yesterday. I'm still farting from the sugar alcohols. Oh well. Weigh-in is Tuesday. We'll see how I do. I knew I'd be up this morning so I didn't get on the scale.

eggplant lasagnaThe eggplant lasagna went over really well at church. Tasted pretty good, too. The entire thing disappeared. I took home an empty pan! This is a recipe I'll make again. I just didn't fry the eggplant first because it seemed like unnecessary work; I just threw it all in the pan and baked it. Who needs pasta?

Spent more time weight training today than usual because I can go to the gym tomorrow but am not supposed to do weights two days in a row. So I hit them long today and will do only a little tomorrow and mostly focus on cardio - will probably sleep in just a little, too, since weight training is pretty much off the menu.

My butt bones hurt. That new bike has a really hard seat and now that I don't have all the extra cushioning in my rear end, hard seats hurt.

Now that I have conquered my fear of giving blood, it's time to clean up my mouth and see if I might have an infection in my gums that would prevent me from giving blood - yep, it's time to see a dentist for the first time in God only knows how long - darn near a decade. I think an exam and cleaning are in order. I know I have several cavities (that don't bother me), but I need to know if I have anything more serious. Everything is closed tomorrow because of the holiday, but come Tuesday I need to get up early and hit the dental clinic that's on my way to the gym. Pray for me.

Today's plan: drink lots of water to clean myself out from yesterday's indiscretions and try to get my calories down.

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Lira said...

I have a recipe for eggplant lasagna that also calls for garlic, onion, peppers, and mushrooms. We had it last week. And yes, who needs pasta when you can enjoy such a lovely vegetable as eggplant? All that potassium, iron, protein, and fiber and no guilt. I'm glad the people at church liked this dish. :)

Lowcarb_dave said...

DAAAAAMMMNNN!!! That looks tasty!!

barbara a austin, toddler said...


its good to see you're from San Francisco. I was born there, but have found myself in its natural grace in Vermont. But I too am dealing with trying to lose weight with hypothyroidism...very very frustrating. I can appreciate your success. I have had little.
but its good to find a fellow city gal.
i do miss my city.
but vermont is all i need now. very beautiful and very simple.
i don't even drive. able to walk everywhere or take the bus. its good in this nasty day and age.

Barbara Austin
White River Junction White River Junction