Friday, September 01, 2006

I gave blood today!

17 days cheat freeWeight: 145.4
Calories eaten yesterday: 1815
Calories burned: 2165
Calorie deficit/overage: -350
Carbs: 43g
Fat: 89g
Calories burned in exercise: 173

For the second night in a row I was under 150 at my weigh-in before bed Yippee! :) Weight was up this morning, but only 0.2 of a pound.

17 days cheat freeThe blood donation went okay. The nurse tried to talk me out of it when she saw how nervous I was, but I didn't come all this way to leave. I tried to explain that coming back at another time wouldn't make me any less nervous. They finally allowed me.

I do have a fungal infection under a toenail, but they looked that up on the computer and it didn't disqualify me. Yippee!

They pricked my finger for the iron test. It didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would, but I still gasped when they pricked me. They said my iron was good - 42. I'm not sure how good that is, though, since I have no idea of the optimal range. Anyone know?

The blood donation room was freezing to me in shorts and a tank top so they gave me a blanket. I did fine during the donation and was signifiantly more relaxed than 20 years ago. After they were done they wrapped my arm up tightly in a self stick bandage that reminded me of an ace bandage. I was a little lightheaded, so they tipped the chair back so that my head was lower than the rest of my body. The phlebotomist said my color was returning and that I'd been a bit pale. After lying like this for several minutes she sat me halfway up and then I came all the way up, feeling much better.

I went over to the snack area and passed up the cookies and bars and Cheese Its and settled for some black coffee and my Atkins almond brownie bar. Maybe next time I go I'll just plan to make it a binge day so I don't feel denied having to pass up the sweets.

They said not to exercise, but I needed some calories to play with so I did 20 minutes (just over 4 miles) on the new exercise bike. FitDay says just 80 calories, but hey, it's something.

Walked over 10,000 steps yesterday. :)

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