Sunday, August 27, 2006

Busy weekend

12 days cheat freeI know I haven't been around in a few days, so let me give you the quick rundown.

Thursday, August 24:
Weight: 147.8
Calories eaten: 1821
Calories burned: 1978
Calorie deficit/overage: -157
Carbs: 47g
Fat: 83g
Calories burned in exercise: 99

Friday, August 25:
Weight: 147.8
Calories eaten: 1968
Calories burned: 2118
Calorie deficit/overage: -150
Carbs: 54g (too high)
Fat: 75g (too low)
Calories burned in exercise: 261

Sabbath, August 26:
Weight: 147.8

How can I gain when I am being so good?!? This is so depressing. :-p My body truly does hate me and wants to be fat. I have a calorie deficit every day and I gain. Do I need to eat even less? I'm already hungry most of the time trying to keep the calories in the 1800 range.

I did have one good thing happen. Pastor Tim was mowing the lawn and his morning appointment had arrived. He hadn't noticed so I ran after him. He asked me if I was at my goal yet and I said no, and he said I looked slender. Me. Slender. Damn, that felt good. :)

Sunday, August 27:
I won't start my cheat-free count over, but I was a bad girl yesterday and binged on low-carb foods. I'm somewhat sick today and feel awful about what I did. I wasn't even hungry! I just had to keep stuffing my face and I wasn't even hungry! Argh.

I'm also dehydrated from not drinking enough water and I've gained weight yet again. Yesterday I was up a pound and I was too afraid to even get on the scale this morning.

I was going to work out extra long and hard at the gym, but I left my gym bag on the bus and ended up taking the train all around trying to catch up with the bus. Down to West Oakland - watched the bus drive off. Back on the train and down to Fruitvale. Beat the bus that time and as soon as he pulled in I jumped on looking for my bag. It was stashed behind the driver's seat. Someone had found it and NOT stolen it - amazing for where I live.

So (thank You, God!) I got my bag back and then headed to the gym, arriving an hour late. Needless to say, my workout was very short. I decided I needed cardio more than weights, so I did a half hour of intervals on the treadclimber and then headed to work. Because I didn't do weights I skipped my post-workout protein shake.

After waiting for the bus for a while I decided I had time to walk the last leg to work, so I did that and racked up 27 minutes for a total of 221 calories and I'm already at over 10,000 steps for the day. At least I got honked at some times during my walk. Of course, the fact that I was still wearing my gym clothes (bicycle pants and a tank top) might have helped. ;)

I changed into my jeans at work and even the largest size 8s I have are tight. I must get this weight off since I got rid of my 10s!

Plan for the day - drink lots and lots of water and try to keep my calories down as much as possible.

I'm making fast progress on the latest Left Behind book. The print is large and the margins are wide, and all chapter have to start on the right hand page, making for plenty of blank pages - so, yeah, fast read.

The rapture happens about halfway through, but the vivid descriptions of heaven (using Irene as the POV character) are a bit off-putting. Looking through the book it looks like that silliness continues for quite some time. While I love the LB series, the quality has gone down.

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