Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Conference Journal, Day 3

Finally Feeling Fine
Day 3

I awoke just before my alarm went off at 7. I had breakfast, missed Bible study to take a shower, and attended a couple of counsel reports. Then I went to the Reference and Counsel committee to listen to the debate about Seventh Day Baptists as a denomination remaining part of the Baptist Joint Committee (BJC). There are legitimate concerns. Welcome to the "work" side of General Conference!

After lunch I attended the "Introduction to Deliverance" workshop. I'm not sure I agree with a lot of the sentiments. The presenter made some good points, some of which I agree with, and some I don't know enough about to have an informed opinion, but the ignorance of some of the attendees (ok, one man in particular, and I assume others agree with him) - well, it's painfully obvious to someone like me who has been there. Witches cursing the Harry Potter novels so that children will read them? Puh-leeze! There's no conspiracy, people!

As Christians we need to not be afraid of Witches, even if we profoundly disagree on just about everything. We fear what we don't understand, or worse, we fear what we think we understand when we actually don't. Ok, rant over. That was one voice out of many, but one that really disturbed me.

There was more Reference and Counsel stuff after this about the BJC issue, and then we had a short break before dinner (except for the choir who had practice).

I've been pretty good so far on my diet. They had sugar free Jello out at lunch, and I cheated with one chocolate chip cookie. I can't help it. TOM is making me crave chocolate. After dinner I had a small scoop of chocolate peanut butter ice cream with chocolate toppings. Sucks I can't kill the cravings with something sugar free because I'm not craving the sugar, just the chocolate.

It's a lot cooler than four years ago when I was here. I find I need to wear jeans and socks and a t-shirt and sometimes my jeans jacket instead of shorts and skimpy shirts.

I've often said that Conference is a time for me to get my head screwed on straight in a spiritual sense. It helps me to refocus from the things that have occupied my time (diet, weight loss) and focus on the source of all my power - God.

I bought a new ring today to replace the broken cross ring. This one is sterling silver with a thorn design around it. I need to remember again that I am "married" to God. Just because the first ring broke doesn't mean that the promise I made that night ended. He is my "Husband," and I need to be faithful to Him.

I have failed. I have spent so much time focused on getting healthy, eating right, and losing weight that I have neglected Him. Weight loss has become a god, salvation being measured by numbers on a scale or body fat test. Getting healthy is not bad. Neglecting God because of it is.

Tonight I was convicted of my need to release Kathi - make a choice to forgive her, a decision of the will, not the heart. Forgiveness is for myself. Releasing Kathi is for myself. Not for her. She has nothing to do with the equation. I release her and give her to God.

I was also convicted that I often look down on those who are obese and overweight because I had my moment of truth and changed my life and they haven't. But who's to say that I am not the spiritually poor one for my pride and that they aren't the ones with an intimate relationship with God? Being proud of my accomplishment is not wrong; looking down on those who are still overweight is. And I am guilty.

Last, on a ranting note, I take umbrage with the speaker tonight that all physical disease has a spiritual component. If only it were true. I wish it were, but the Fall means that we will have genetic abnormalities that make us susceptible to various diseases, and that has nothing to do with God. He can heal, sure. He can do anything. But I don't believe that He does very often. Why? Because they are true physical diseases without a spiritual cause. They are just another fact of life in a fallen world. Things with a spiritual cause have a spiritual fix - getting right with God; things with a physical cause have a physical fix - getting on the right medication.

And on that note, it's time to get ready for bed. God willing, I'll "talk" to you all tomorrow!

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diamondwife said...

The only reason God doesn't heal very often is because there aren't very many people who have enough faith in what The Word says on that subject to receive their healing. I know about this first hand. I have been miracolously healed on 2 occasions and seen many others receive their healing.

BradW said...

Hi Sisss,
Your sweethearts Abby and Xena are doing well.

SIT DOWN_______!!!!!!

Abby came out let me pet her!!! Then went back under the bed. She wanted to give me a vote of confidence! I was shocked and awed.....Better than the Military version.

Xena was all love and kisses then lying on her side and back went to play mode.
Yet, they wanted me to tell you they really miss you and need you back soon.
They also said thanks for allowing me to give wet food. Abby got some of it too. I'm sure that's the real reason she came out for me.

Your fish was hungry, hungry hungry...

Stayed a couple hours to give them some
comfort of Mom being gone.

Liked your instructions. Number 4 was neat.=-) Forgot what the others were...hahahha. Nooo I didn't.
Hole in screen by the bed....!!

Praying for you and your growth. Lord willing please remember to pray for me this week too. Tough time for me...You know...Going through accounting to the Lord on His issues with me which need addressing.

Thanks for the treat..it was refreshing.
We miss ya here so get back soon. May the Lord bless and strengthen you and make you prosperous in The Way.

Newbirth said...


Sometimes God says, "no." I know about that first hand...

diamondwife said...

I realize there are times when God says no, but I do not believe that happens very often. I think most cases of folks not being healed relate to my previous statement. I stand by it.

Newbirth said...

I believe He says no a lot, for reasons that only He may know. I puzzled over the "no" I got for a while, though I believe I now know why He said it. In the end it doesn't matter since it's Him alone who makes the decision. He's provided me help through medication, so He did help me, something my former gods never did. He just didn't help me the way I wanted.

Anonymous said...

Two thoughts on this topic:

1. I believe there isn't anything purely physical when it comes to human beings.

However, "I am ill" does not mean "God is punishing me". There are times and seasons for illness in our lives, sad to say.

I have disabled folks in my cell group. Of course they aren't healed. But we have to believe God has a Plan for it and that they weren't inflicted with illness -- or me with crippling asthma -- by random chance for no reason.

In fact, I know that second is a fact in my case. There IS a reason I have asthma. I will discuss later, if you wish. Nothing happens by chance. "All things work to the good of those who love him."

So yes, all illness has a spiritual component ... but that doesn't mean that all illness is a result of our sin. And it doesn't mean that getting right with God will cure it.

2. WRT Faith -- I believe God heals more often than non-Charismatics do but less than Charismatics believe.

Here's a story from Africa that may prove enlightening.


A lot of supernatural things don't happen in America -- and especially here in Washington D.C. -- because of lack of faith. Jesus encountered this phenomena (Mark 6:5) so it isn't something Charismatics pulled out of their behinds -- it is a real spiritual phenomenon.

A phenomenon that is tangible to the sensitive. [Person we both know] hates living in our area because the lack of faith short-circuits her own abilities, which in other times and places have been impressive. It's like living in a box.

But that doesn't mean we're going to be healthy all the time. Paul's colleagues suffered serious illness(Phillipians 2:27), and it is likely Paul himself also had problems, including possibly blindnes .. which is why he wrote in large letters (Galatians 6:11).

So there's truth in both points of view.


Brian P.