Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Say bye to the flax

15 days cheat freeWeight: 146
Calories eaten yesterday: 1781
Calories burned: 1962
Calorie deficit/overage: -181
Carbs: 52g
Fat: 67g
Calories burned in exercise: 84

I've decided to cut out the ground flax seed. I suspect it might be the cause of my bloating. Near as I can tell from searching through my recent posts, I started the flax seed on July 20 right after my GTT on July 17, when I was most bloated.

BUT...that weight has not come off in the two weeks since (some of it should have), AND the bloating has become more pronounced, even though I've stuck to my program. All of my extra 10 pounds seem to be in my belly. So as of today...no more flax seed, and I'll see if the weight comes off. *sigh* It's too bad. I really like the taste of the stuff.

No gym today, so I walked to work from BART. I also did a lot of other walking (missed my bus stop, walked up and down the hill to the church) that evidentally added up because my pedometer said I'd done 49 minutes of aerobic steps, and the walk from the BART station is only about a half hour.FitDay says 147 calories. Yippee!

Oh, I got honked at three times today while walking around. Three times! Way to boost a girl's ego!

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1 comment:

BradW said...

Don't stress! You'll make it through this and be fine. Sorry you can not use the Flax seed. It is good and very good for you..... Sa Lavie, Bon Vivant!