Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I'm fat

15 days cheat freeWeight: 146.6
Calories eaten yesterday: 1900
Calories burned: 2022
Calorie deficit/overage: -122
Carbs: 57g
Fat: 88g
Calories burned in exercise: 151

Finished The Rapture yesterday. Yay! This was not one of the better books. I gave it 3 stars on Amazon. So much of it came across as just "filler," a way to take up space. Jerry Jenkins could have covered all the relavant stuff in less than half the space. I sincerely hope the next book is better and is the last. The series has really run its course. All good things should end before they go too far downhill and "jump the shark."

Well, after my large 8s getting dirty, I switched to my pair of medium 8s today. They were very hard to get into and so tight. Thankfully they are stretch jeans so I can wear them at least. Ug! I have GOT to get this weight off. I got rid of my 10s so I have nothing to wear if I keep gaining.

This next paragraph is gross, so if bathroom talk offends you, skip it. You've been warned! Yes, I was down a pound this morning, but I know why - it's because a good dump right before weighing really can make a huge difference on the scales, lol! And that's not something I'm able to do every morning, so I suspect I'll be back up tomorrow.

I'll just keep on keeping on because I know low-carb is the healthiest way to eat.

Went to the gym today and worked my butt off. I was tired because I got a bit less sleep today than usual. I did 20 minutes on the stairmaster, 15 on the treadclimber, and then 20 just walking. FitDay says 307 calories. Woohoo!

Got mentioned on Dr. Mary Vernon's blog today. She's helping to carry on the work Dr. Atkins started. Here's the entry about me, taken from a comment I made on another post. Low-carb has cured my acne, eczema, and cold sores. Who would have known that carbs caused these?

Walked over 10,000 steps yesterday. :)

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1 comment:

megadittles said...

Girl, you're not fat! Yikes! Stop that. You got the good man upstairs helping you look hot and using that as blogging motivation for the rest of us. LOL!