Sunday, August 13, 2006

Conference Journal, Day 8

Homeward Bound
Day 8

Woke up about five minutes before my alarm at 5:05 a.m. At 5:40, true to their work, they had a car to take us and our bags to the student center. The bus didn't arrive to pick us up until 6 a.m. and between the people and the baggage it was really crowded. I sat next to John Rasmussan.

They gave us bags for breakfast with an apple, banana (or orange), two pop tarts, apple juice, and a muffin. Another person and I shared our breakfasts with John since he didn't get one and had two days of busses ahead of him to get back to Colorado.

Checking bags and getting through security at the airport was a breeze, even with the new regulations. The bag check at the gate was more obnoxious, taking much more than just liquids and gels from people. I checked all around and read up on the new regulations, and deodorant was never mentioned, not once! And it's a solid! Yet at the gate gleefully took it away and I will now have to stop at one more store and put out more money to rebuy it. It was practically brand new, too, having only been used a few times. I hope she has fun using already used deodorant (they get to take all that stuff home). Is that gross or what?

If they would have told me I would have checked it, but God forbid - that would be the right thing to do and we can't have that! I swear I hate TSA now. I have heard stories and now been the recipient. TSA sucks. They are God in the airports, and who can police God?

It is their fault since I checked more than one source and deodorant wasn't listed anywhere. I'm surprised they didn't take away my gum and empty coffee cup, too. Damn them all. I feel so violated to have someone pawing through my stuff, taking whatever they please. I'm thrilled to know I won't have to fly again until Christmas.

TSA also won't let you take non-prescription medication with you, but the airlines also can't give it out on the plane. Migraines or cramps? You're SOL. One person from Conference on the plane did have some they didn't confiscate (probably didn't find it), so at least I got my headache taken care of.

I can sneak past pepper spray shortly after 9-11, but deodorant is a terrorist tool. Tell me what's wrong with this picture. There cautious and there's ridiculous. This is ridiculous.

The plane took off pretty much on time for the hour forty minute hop to Chicago. The flight home will be faster since I don't have to go 100s of miles out of my way to Dallas.

We landed on time - even early - in Chicago. I went to my gate, but it had been changed. I walked to the new gate, and the plane was delayed, but only by about a half hour. No one pawed through my belongings at this airport. Soon we were on our way for the longest leg of my trek home.

Brad was waiting just past the security checkpoint when I arrived and we took BART home. He had no cash for the bus, so I had to give him money. I unpacked and then we went out for Chinese takeout and I pigged out.

It's been a really long day with the time difference and I am dead on my feet. I think I must be going on pure adrenaline right now.

Left Houghton Dorm: about 5:30 a.m. EDT
Arrive home: about 6 p.m. PDT
Total travel time: about 15 1/2 hours

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Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight ...

They can take home anything they confiscate? Is that me or does that sound like a license for petty thievery to you too?

It may be that solid deoderant *isn't* on the list. It could be they aren't *supposed* to confiscate it, but they did it anyway because A) of course everyone will carry it and B) who's going to argue with TSA at the gate to the airplane? If you take any time, you'll miss it.

This would allow a cynical person to collect a fair amount of merchandise ... for resale on the black market, perhaps? Or for some other purpose?

Yeah, I'm cynical.


Brian P.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for these extra precautions in today's world. If they want to tap my phone line, go for it! If they want to search my bags, go for it! Seeing as how those terrorists were going to blow up the planes with some Gatorade and cell phones, they can't be too cautious, in my opinion.

Eph. 4:29 :)

Anonymous said...

I say they should ban people who have eaten beans in the last 24 hours. Bio/chem warfare to the Nth Degree :0


Brian P.

BradW said...

I thinks they should ban stuff that cause explosions. Shampoo has exploding bubbles. Toothpaste ditto. Get enough of those bubbles and you'd be in trouble.

No bubble gum....

No watches with Nuclear material on the face. No polyester. Besides it being more than vaguely 70's it is a pyro's dream chemical combo.

No more oxygen on the flight. That is a real time bomb waiting for a flash dance. Placed with the right combo there could be a radical boom. Seems they have forgotten that...hmmm.

Why don't they just delete the pilots.they can fly planes with out them. Have an onboard scanner that is there on the back of each seat with a bomb sensing device. Face and bomb scanner. Make all the seats ejection seats and then, if a terrorist gets on board it will eject him!! They can pick him up via a homing device and end of problem. =-)

Lira said...

Glad you made it home okay, V. Get some rest and rehydration!