Thursday, August 24, 2006

Day 9

9 days cheat freeWeight: 147.6 (fourth day in a row)
Calories eaten yesterday: 1770
Calories burned: 1988
Calorie deficit/overage: -218
Carbs: 49g
Fat: 73g
Calories burned in exercise: 111

9 days cheat free and still spinning my wheels. *sigh* I wouldn't be in this position if I hadn't had the glucose tolerance test. Stupid GTT!

Some good news today at least: Guess what? Today is the 10th anniversary of my baptism! I'd post pictures, but I didn't have a digital camera back then and don't know where the pictures are anyway. :-p Hopefully someday.

I was saved in May of 1996, but didn't get baptized until August 24. It also happens to be my sister's birthday, though that was just by accident. August 24 fell on a Saturday in 1996 and that was the best day for my InterVarsity leader to dunk me as we had a fall kickoff planning meeting that day, it was at his parents' house, and they had a backyard pool.

I wrote a poem that day while sitting by the pool in the sunshine. Check it out!
Cleansing Waters

Today was grocery day and I was a bad girl. I picked up low-carb ice cream and sugar free Hershey's syrup for my Saturday treat. Also got some blueberries and plan to pig out on those on Saturday. I love blueberries and now that I've gotten sugar out of my diet, berries taste sweet again.

Brad is supposed to bring over the bike tomorrow and he wants to bring some chili (without beans) to put over pork rinds with some cheese. Not sure how low-carb it will be though, even without beans. Besides, it's hard to find chili without beans.

Still raging hungry today. I'm looking forward to eating my fill on Saturday. I like low-carb food - love it even - but I just feel like I never get enough to eat, even though I'm getting more than enough calories and keeping my carbs down.

Walked over 10,000 steps yesterday, even though it wasn't a gym day.

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1 comment:

BradW said...

Happy Tenth Anniversary. May the Lord give you a special blessing from His hand to rejoice with you. May He sing over you His song to your heart and soul. =-)

For all who are His and those seeking:
Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice o sinner. He remembers them that are broken, weak, failing, forgotten, rejected, hated, scorned, reproached, unseen, unloved, unwanted, unforgiven, and all such that bear the unbearable burdens. Those that do not know where to turn or even if anyone cares if they do. He will always listen and give counsel if you will but be still and know He, is God. Maybe even, your~Father in Heaven. =-) His love is unfettered and true, full and forever. Taste and see the Lord is good. He is angry but for a moment, buut His mercy and grace are forever.

Peace to you and yours! =-D