Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Starting Over - Day 1

1 day cheat freeToday is the first day of my new start! I'm back from vacation and can now totally focus on getting this excess fat off.

I signed up for the 30-in-30 Low-Carb Weight Loss Challenge. Unlike most weight loss challenges that are for people on any weight loss plan, this is specifically for low-carbers, which means only healthy food is allowed - no sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or junk food. Anyone else up for it? I know I am!

Check out the new 30-in-30 blog.

I'm joining late, but it started right before I left on vacation. Weigh-in days are Tuesdays. I know I can't lose a pound a week, but I'll be happy with losing anything each week. I've gained weight so it's time to try to get it off. My first official weigh-in will be next Tuesday since I'm afraid to get on a scale right now, lol! I'll change my ticker above then whether my weight is above or below the 147 on the ticker right now.

I didn't exercise at all while on vacation, so that counts as my rest period and now I'm ready to throw myself back into exercise and diet. I made it to the gym today and did a half hour of weights, a half hour cardio on the treadclimber, and 20 minutes walking on the treadmill. Whew! That wiped me out and I needed a sugar free energy drink to perk up again.

Viva la low-carb and viva la Atkins!

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CactusFreek said...

Gee i wasn't sure if this is where the comments go or not.
Your updated piccie looks great :o)

Jimmy Moore said...

You WILL succeed, Victoria! THANKS for joining me in my challenge. God bless you.

Jimmy Moore, author of "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb"