Friday, August 18, 2006

Day 3

3 days cheat freeCalories eaten yesterday: 1592 (yay!)
Calories burned: 1964
Calorie deficit/overage: -372
Carbs: 39g (yay!)
Fat: 61g
Calories burned in exercise: 102

I'm trying to keep my carbs 40g or less to help me lose. I don't feel my best at that level, but at 60g (where I feel good) I can't lose weight.

Went out to lunch with my Mom and Bill (her husband) today, but I was a good girl. I had a New York steak (with no condiments because they are full of sugar) with a double helping of veggies instead of veggies and starch. Also some Merlot wine. :) I had two bites of bread, one spoonful each of Mom and Bill's soups, and one bite of the toast that came with the soup. bite of the chocolate cake that Mom and Bill had for dessert. "Bites" keep me from feeling deprived of my favorite foods. Plus, now that I know what those foods do to my body it's much easier to pass them up.

I'm trying to get more fat and less protein in my diet, so yesterday when I bought meat, I bought the 10% fat beef instead of the 7% like I have been getting. Cooked it up last night as burgers; when I cook it as ground beef a lot of the fat cooks out. I'm hoping that by consuming more fat my appetite will be blunted because high protein alone isn't doing it and I'm tired of being hungry. We'll see if higher fat works.

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