Tuesday, May 16, 2006

40 Days of Purpose, Thoughts on Weeks 2 and 3

I've been doing some thinking about this 40 days we are going through at church right now. As we get further in I am beginning to see the bigger picture.

Week 1 is just introduction stuff, though there's lots of good stuff there to find. Week 2 I enjoyed the heck out of. It's on "worship," but I tell you, Pastor Warren has shown me a whole different way to think about worship. It's so much more than just singing or church. It's a 24/7 lifestyle that all Christians should be living. Worship can even be found in the daily mundane things we do each day.

Week 3 is harder for me to be interested in. "Fellowship" is more than hanging out with coffee and donuts after the service. Okay, no problem there. But much of it seems to be focused on really basic things - like belonging to and being involved with a local church. I'm finding that rather boring because I have no difficulty in this area - I am the church Webmaster, bulletin-maker, attendance-counter, and clerk. At my old church I was first in the choir and then in the sound booth. I'm plugged in.

And yet I understand the need for week 3. A lot of people feel they don't need the church and that they can be a "lone ranger" Christian. Week 3 makes a compelling case that this is not so, a conclusion I wholeheartedly agree with. Too many people love ideal people from a distance, rather than real people up close, in a local congregation. If this is you, then you need to read days 15-21 in The Purpose Driven Life. It will challenge you if you open to growing.

So...a necessary focus, but irrelevant to me. At least Week 2 on worship made me think about things differently. I found that week challenging. I helped me grow. Week 3 isn't really doing that for me, though it will for others.

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