Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I've been burned!

No, not burned by a person - sunburned. :) But only my right shoulder. I think it's because my shirt yesterday had no shoulder strap on the right side, and as I walked to work from the BART station the sun was on the same side of me the whole time. My first sunburn of the season! Woohoo! I think I can safely say the wet season is finally over. :)

I was able to walk yesterday. The day before, too. So I'm getting some exercise at least. Today I made it to the gym.

Been keeping my calories under control as well. On Sunday calories were 1579 and Monday they were 1648. Average calories over the past week (excluding Saturday) are 1658. Average over two weeks is almost the same. You would think I would lose weight on that as my resting metabolic rate is only 1610. But no. I'm still hanging out at about 145 and my jeans fit the same as ever. *sigh* I swear my body hates me. Maybe it's as simple as my fat being too low (55g average) and protein being too high (147g average). Too much protein can effect insulin and stall weight loss.

Oh yeah, I got through Beltane just fine. :) No anxiety. Of course, I was at work and there were alarms during my shift, so I had distractions.

Finally, I had some new full body pics taken yesterday. Below you'll find two of the best.

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Chelsea said...

Niiiice....hopefully I'll get to where you are.:)

Wize_One said...

Ouch, hopefully it clears up soon