Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I'm 10 today!

birthday cake with 10 candlesI'm 10 - finally double digits! I've waited 10 years for this, lol! Seriously though, today marks 10 years since I decided to follow Christ. If becoming a Christian is being "born again," then that means I now have two birthdays to celebrate. :)

I remember those first days as a Christian, going to InterVarsity. I said I was a new Christian and they asked how long I'd been Christian. I said, "One week."

Wow. One week. And here we are at 10 years. How did that happen? Where did the time go?

I shed the trapping and views of my old religion slowly. One necklace at a time, one viewpoint at a time. At one time I thought I could be Christo-Pagan! God made it clear to me pretty quickly that it wasn't possible and I had to make a choice.

Things happened so quickly. I felt my world was spinning out of control. In May I became a Christian, met Charles face-to-face, and took down my altar. I wrote a poem about my conversion, and had my first doubts about my new beliefs.

God let me get away with so much - things that I wouldn't dream of doing today. I look back and think how young and stupid I was. Most of the time I would only get a metaphorical slap on the wrist, if I got anything at all. I think God knew how young I was and cut me a lot of slack. I would go to the Ancient Ways Festival, get drunk, do things just to piss Him off.

Still He forgave and drew me to Him - slowly, lovingly, never faster than I could go, but never slower either. The breakneck pace of those first few months just about wore me out. I think I might have been less tired if I'd spent less time fighting Him and more time just following. I was the epitome of a problem child.

I invite you to peruse the archives here, from May 1996 and the surrounding months. There is a dropdown list of archives on the left.

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Brucker said...

Yay! Happy Birthday!

BradW said...

She'll be a teenager in 3 years. =-O!!