Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Calories are DOWN, but weight is UP

sad face
I'm absolutely ranvenous today. Maybe it's because my calories were so low yesterday - only 1488. Not bad, eh? I'll somehow get through today without going over the edge, but no 1500 calories for me today!

Walked the last leg to work today and finally used MapQuest to find out the distance from the BART station to work - 1.5 miles! Yippee! I've walked a lot of miles lately. :)

Weight this morning was a whopping 147.2! Ack!!! That's over the maximum I'm allowed (147). All this dieting and I am making NO progress. I think I need to set up an appointment to see a trainer and have a body composition test done. But I'm afraid I'll have gained fat! Double ack! I'm doing so horribly. :(

Finished The DaVinci Code: A Quest for Answers today that Jane gave out at church on Sabbath.

Had time to stop at Starbucks and work on my Purpose Driven Life lesson for the day. It's a pain to take notes, but it does help me get more out of it.

A cool thing on the low-carb front - today I received a note from Jimmy Moore by snail mail thanking me for being such a faithful reader of his blog (the pleasure's all mine!), and enclosed was a card for one free entree at Denny's, drink included. Jazzin'! There's a Denny's on my way to work, a 10 minute walk from the BART station, and last I checked they had a low-carb menu, though that was a while ago. Hope they still have it!

New people hired at work and in the process of training; that's why the overtime ended. As I stated in that post, it makes me both happy and sad.

Today was a mail run into the City; tomorrow is groceries, and then I will hit the gym on Thursday. I try to space my workouts with two days between when I can only go twice in the week, and then stuff everything else around it.

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Nunzia said...

ahh don't worry! we've all been there! keep your chin up!

Newbirth said...

Copied from the wrong post:

Anonymous said...
Are you drinking plenty of water? :) And just curious...do you eat any carbs at all? Keep truckin...the loss will happen eventually. I know it's hard to wait, isn't it? Praying for you!

~Susie (smallersusie)


I drink plenty of water every day and eat about 55g of carbs (from tea/coffee/veggies/dairy/sugar-free sauces). Lower would be better. Been cutting my calories and nothing. And now my appetite is back even though I take an appetite suppressant, and I feel like I'm constantly starving.

Brent said...

Have you tried increasing your fiber intake to deal with the hunger? High sources of fiber, such as Kellog's All Bran Buds, will give you a "full" feeling for a long time, but doesn't have many calories.



Anonymous said...

Hmmm ..
in my experience when I'm eating fewer calories but gaining weight, it's because I'm not eating enough vegetables. With insufficient vitamins and minerals, the body can't metabolize the food and it winds up being held onto.

Might consider additional vegetables, or even a vitamin supplement.


Brian P.

Newbirth said...

Brian - I eat tons of veggies. Minimum is 7-10 oz. of vegetables with lunch (today was 7 oz. of green beans) and 10-12 oz. of salad with dinner (tonight will be 12 oz. of "Green and Crisp" salad). That comes out to 17 oz. - more than a pound of veggies - on a BAD day. A good day comes to 22 oz.

And I take supplements already - B-50 and a "Multi-Vitamin Pack" that has 5 pills in it including a basic multi and calcium.

I often supplement all this (!) with a meal bar or protein shake for breakfast. This morning was a hard boiled egg and a protein shake.

I've been doing these things all along.

Brent - I've looked into cereals like that but they still have too many net carbs, and frankly, I'm already extremely regular and more fiber would probably have me running to the bathroom more often than I already do. When I want cereal I have a high fiber soy cereal, but I'm not much of a cereal person to begin with. The soy cereal has fewer net carbs than the All Bran. I usually throw it in plain yogurt when I can spare the extra 78 calories in the cereal.