Thursday, May 18, 2006

Heading into a long weekend

Weight was 147.2 this morning, down from 148 yesterday, but still 5.2 over my goal. Calories eaten yesterday - 1797 (basically 1800), and burned - 2063. Not bad. Today isn't nearly so good due to the lack of exercise (less calories burned) and the eating out (more calories taken in). Accounting for how horribly I eat on Saturdays, and Friday and Saturday last weekend, I am taking in more than I'm burning. That means FAT gain. :( My jeans do seem tighter when I first put them on. Next Friday is the moment of truth!

Saw the doctor today. They kept me waiting 45 minutes - my appointment was at 11:30 and I saw the doctor at 12:15! He said Celexa can cause kidney and liver issues (news to me!) and ordered a comprehensive metabolic panel for me - okay, whatever - and I asked for another cholesterol test. I don't have to go back until fall and it hasn't been a year since my last tests, so I don't plan to do this for a couple months. I just wanted the paperwork in hand since I don't plan on seeing him again in the next two months. :)

I thought I wasn't going to make it to Denny's, but I made some good bus connections so I got my free entree and drink. :) I had the grilled chicken salad (would you believe they made it with iceberg lettuce? - how horrible!) with blue cheese dressing and a Diet Coke. It didn't fill me up at all so when I went to Subway to get my tuna salad for dinner, I just ate it as kind of a second lunch. Ouch!

The weather forecast for the race this weekend is rain!!! It just rained four years ago on race day; please dear God, don't let it rain this year. It's only supposed to happen about once every ten years. It takes all the fun out of the race when you are battling rain along with fatigue. I think I'll take a garbage bag with me, just in case.

Picked up the carbohydrate gel packets today. I got PowerBar brand PowerGel. Roughly 26 carbs with only 6g sugar. That should give me pretty sustained energy. I got one vanilla flavor and two strawberry banana. I hope they taste better than the horrible orange flavor I had to choke down last year - "choke" being the operative word. :-p

Alright, let's go out there and RUN! And THINK KENYAN! (That's kind of an inside joke. If you knew anything about the race's history, you'd understand.)

I'll see you all on the other side of this long (for me) weekend. Expect lots of long posts about everything when I get back to my work computer on Monday, and I'll let you know when I get back online from home.

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Wile E. said...

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Almonds and Eggs

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Newbirth said...

I know all that stuff. I can't keep nuts around because once I start eating I can't stop, but I do keep eggs around at all times. And I use organic eggs because they have more Omega 3 oil (or I buy eggs specifically touted as having more Omega 3).

erudit said...

Good luck, Victoria!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you really find it helps to keep track of your weight daily?

Newbirth said...

For most people, no. I don't weigh every single day even. If you are easily discouraged, DON'T do it. Your weight will fluctuate day by day.