Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Why Low-Carbers Need to Stay Out of the Donuts

Ever gone face first in a box of donuts while low-carbing? Or binged on pizza, or french fries or...? Well, here's bad news. Those binges are very unhealthy. Dr. Michael Eades, who himself watches his carbs, explains why in his Protein Power blog.

Once people become low-carb adapted--as I hope we all are--then the same thing happens if they go face down in the donuts. They don't have the enzymes on board to deal with the sudden influx of glucose, and, as a consequence, their blood sugar spikes higher than it would on a person eating the same amount of carbohydrate who is already carb adapted.

This paper shows that these carb spikes are not benign.

Low-Carb Caveat

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