Wednesday, May 31, 2006

More South Beach insanity

I'm constantly amazed at the need of Dr. Agatston to put down the Atkins diet. I bought the 2006 day-at-a-time calendar, which is basically little quotes and stories from Dr. Agatston's South Beach Diet book. He evidently feels Atkins is a threat to him and sometimes puts it down. :(

I came across another put down recently. Though not as serious as the one on March 10, it was still bad. A diet should be able to stand on its own. When an author has to put down another diet I start wondering why. If their diet is so good there should be no need to put down another.

Now understand that Dr. Atkins says people should give up caffeine because it can cause cravings and overeating of carbs and therefore stall weight loss.

Here's from the May 29th entry of the South Beach calendar:
Some diets prohibit coffee or tea because caffeine can intensify cravings somewhat. But you've got enough changes to contend with without having to give up your morning coffee, too.

Dr. Agatston is nothing if not a master at putting down Dr. Atkins without ever mentioning his name! I'm so sick of these put-downs. If the South Beach Diet is so good, it should have no need to disparage another diet. Perhaps that why I liked Dr. Atkins so much - he never puts anyone down, except for explaining why low-fat diets in general don't work.

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Anonymous said...

As you know, I love the South Beach Diet book. I guess I didn't really think of it as putting down the Atkin's diet. Maybe I need to find out more about it. But low fat proteins are better than high fat, yes? At least the saturated fat situation. Interesting!

~Susie (smallersusie)

Newbirth said...

No, I don't believe saturated fat is bad. ALL fats are good except the man-made trans-fats. If it's a natural fat, saturated or not, it is good and healthy. There are no studies showing that saturated fat is bad when cutting back on carbs. All the studies that show it's bad are done in high carb settings.