Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Weekend plans and today's stuff

Since I won't be around this weekend to update you, here's my plans. I'll let you know how it panned out when I get back. Expect a lot of writing from me Monday evening. :)

Friday I am staying home and cooking and packing lunches. I am also dying my hair blue so it will be nice and bright on race day. :) At 1 pm the computer guy is coming over to pick up my Mac to repair the modem and put in a new battery. I can't afford a new computer and need to keep this one working. The modem has been fine since the day I bought the computer several years ago. Today, while it was connected, it just dropped the connection and refused to reconnect.

(Along with this, my iPod Mini is acting up. It won't hold a full charge anymore and plays for less than an hour before dying and needing to be recharged. More money to spend as I need to send it in an have them replace the battery.)

Saturday is my carbing up day for the race Sunday. That means I can pretty much eat whatever I want at the lunch potluck. :) Saturday evening Brad is coming over. I'm ordering a large pizza (with cheese in the crust) with CinnaStix, and I asked him to bring some chocolate muffins (one of my favorite pig out foods). We will share these, saving a couple slices of pizza for my Sunday morning breakfast.

Sunday I have to be up sometime between 4:30 and 5 a.m. and be on the 6 a.m. bus to take BART into the City. The race starts at 8, but the earlier you get there the better starting position you get. After the race I'll walk back to the polo fields to get my t-shirt, then head to the 29 Sunset bus to a BART station, and take BART back home. When I get home I'll take a shower and probably change into jammies. Then I'll relax the rest of the day and eat any leftover high carb food. Monday I go back on Atkins again.

Yesterday my calories were okay. FitDay says 1791 eaten and 1806 burned. So about even. Today I made it to the gym. About 37 minutes of weights, 30 on the elliptical (the one with the moving arms), and 30 on the stationary bike. FitDay says 346 calories burned.

I bought a new toy today - Harbinger gloves for lifting weights. The weights are often uncomfortable to hold and I see people wearing these. Hopefully they will help with comfort. They look like this only they are gray and black. Oh - I was able to do 11 reps with the 15 pound dumbbells today. :) Yay! Go me!

I also ran into the personal trainer who's been doing my body composition tests and set up an appointment for next Friday. That will tell me if my weight gain is muscle, fat, or both. I'm looking forward to it with trepidation!

I had a headache last night and today. It could be stress, but my carbs have been near the range that I get headaches. At 40g I lose all cravings and gain near daily headaches. I need to stay above that. 40g is clearly not healthy for me if I'm getting headaches.

Today I received a gift from Terry Durst from General Conference. I have no idea why she sent it. It just arrived out of the blue with the note, "From your Sister in Christ." It was a book from my Amazon wish list - The Mormon Murders. I'll read it when I finish The DaVinci Code.

I can't believe we're nearly halfway through the 40 Days of Purpose. Today was day 19 and I have so many thoughts to share, but I don't want to exceed two entries here a day and this is #2. Perhaps one of these days I can go back and hit some of the highlights. I'm learning so much from this book. Except for it using way too many Bible paraphrases, I love it.

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Good luck for the race Vic