Monday, May 15, 2006

Today's junk

Did okay today. Made it to the gym, but sometimes your get up and go just got up and went and today it did. I think after yesterday's hard workout my body just couldn't give 100% today. Still, I did 22 minutes of weights, 30 on the elliptical (without arms) and 30 just walking on the treadmill at 3.5 mph. FitDay says 278 calories.

Then I took the bus out to Edgewater to Starbucks and ordered a Venti coffee. They were making the coffee at the time but didn't have it ready so they said it was on the house and they'd call me when it was ready. Cool! Free coffee! :) I had a short time to work on my Purpose Driven Life lesson for the day - on belonging to a local church - while I waited for my coffee and then waited for it to cool.

I bought some PowerAde today for the race on Sunday. I still need to buy the carbohydrate gel packs. Maybe on Thursday since there's a GNC in Alameda and I have to be in Alameda on Thursday for a doctor appointment and the GNC is a straight shot down on the bus.

I'm still bloated from Friday/Saturday. My size 10 shorts fit perfect. :( I'm right back where I was about 10 pounds above goal. I can't even get below 146 on a good day, never mind bad days like this where I'm afraid to get on the scale. I hope it's muscle, but how can that be when my clothes don't fit any better even on the best of days? How can I gain fat while watching carbs and calories? I've decided my body hates me and wants to be fat. Yesterday's calories were 1644 with 309 calories burned in exercise.

Tomorrow is groceries because Wednesday I'll be at the gym again and Thursday is the doctor. Friday I hope to dye my hair blue so it will be brightest during the race. I already bleached it.

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