Thursday, May 11, 2006

I just keep gaining

Back up to 147.2 today, same weight as two days ago. I know some of my weight is muscle, but I can't have gained five pounds of muscle, and how could I have not lost any fat, but I guess I haven't. This is extremely depressing.

Worked out today. Was able to do 3 sets of 10 reps each with the 15 pound dumbbell for the second time (the first time was Monday), so I know I'm getting stronger. Did about 37 minutes of weights, tried to do 100 sit-ups but lost count so I don't know how many I actually did, and did one hour of cardio on the crossramp elliptical (without the moving arms). Whew! I'm wiped! FitDay says 360 calories.

I'm having bad carb cravings - I want a cheeseburger (with the bun!) and french fries. And something chocolate. Lots of lots of something with lots of chocolate, like a big ol' chocolate muffin from Safeway (they have the best ones). I have a planned binge Sabbath after next before the race, but that's nine days away and I don't think I can hold out that long.

Calories yesterday were a disappointing 1859. But I had 82g of fat, so at least the extra calories upped my fat instead of something else. Calories today will be ever higher, as they usually are on Thursdays because I'm up late doing laundry. My tentative menu today has about 2000 calories. I'll update tomorrow with my actual total for today.

I have two weeks of the Metabolife left, so I'll finish those out. I started taking the green tea pills today.

My Carb Options soup mix that I ordered on E-bay arrived today. It's no longer made, but I like keeping it in my locker for those times when I'm really hungry. I lost the auction, but was given a "second chance" and jumped at it. This is the powdered chicken noodle soup, 4 carbs per packet and only 25 calories. I got a whole case - 12 boxes. :) None of the Carb Options products appear to be made anymore, and the Web site is gone. Thank God for E-bay, eh?

Besides the soup I also bought a case of the Atkins brownie mix (12 packets), 60 Atkins Almond Brownie Advantage bars, and two cases (24 cans) of the Atkins strawberry shakes. Still waiting for all those.

I also ordered some stuff off - three packets of Dixie Diners chocolate donut mix, two boxes of the Nutlettes cereal, and two boxes (I think) of the sugar-free, sugar alcohol free chocolate bars. The chocolate bars used to be made by Carb Sense/Mini Carb, but changed their name and changed the packaging of course.

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