Monday, May 08, 2006

Squeezing into my jeans

And it's a tight squeeze. More on that in a moment.

I did really good calorie-wise yesterday after Saturday's disaster. I ate only 1414 calories, and without too much hunger. Today I'm higher, but I went to the gym, so "breakfast" was bigger because I had to make extra of the protein shake so there would be some left for after my workout. FitDay says I burned 338 calories in my workout. I did 35 minutes of weights, 30 on the stationary bike, and 30 on the elliptical (the one without arms). Whew!

After my workout I had the usual fight with my new size 8s. The older ones are looser because the fit is different, but these are meant to fit tight and I have to tug and pull to get them on, and pull the waistband up past my hips so I can button them. Once they are stretched out they are a dream, but when newly washed, it's a workout just to squeeze into them.

I suspect I'm doing so poorly at my diet because I'm not cycling calories and Saturdays are so high that it doesn't matter how good I do the rest of the week.



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Poet Warrior said...

Hi Victoria,

I'm starting to lose more weight myself. With my dancing with my fave music and using my resistance bands at the same time, I've gone from 180 to 170 (technically, my doctor's office weighed me in at 173, but that was after breakfast).

I've been eating high-protein granola with flaxseed that I got at Costco, which actually fills me up for hours. I enjoy it with soymilk...the cow juice stuffs my sinuses up at night, especially during allergy season.

Newbirth said...

That's so awesome! You are doing really great! :)